NArchitekTURE AND NArchitecTURE is a design group founded and led by Bartosz Haduch. The interdisciplinary studio combines activities in the fields of design: urban planning, landscape, architecture, interiors, graphics, design and journalism. Currently, the core of the team consists of Bartosz Haduch, Lukasz Marjanski, Michal Haduch and Michal Sapeta, however, depending on the specifics of individual commissions, its composition is supplemented with specialists from various industries, from designers and technologists to sociologists, biologists, artists or fashion designers. The name NArchitekTURA is the result of combining the words nature and architecture. The interdependence and symbiosis of these two areas are central to the group's design philosophy. Natural materials and processes appear in various scales and forms in most of the studio's projects. Sustainability, ecology, recycling, climate change, the cyclical nature of the seasons and day, light and shadow, issues related to time and its passing, and the impact of the aforementioned factors on human life - these are the main topics addressed in the group's work. The studio's field of interest also includes various ways of recording information: music, image, text, etc. In the creation of individual concepts, the designers are sometimes inspired by opposing sources: from research studies to intuitive actions, from history to futurology, from botany to behaviorism, from technology to art and the search for beauty in everyday life. NArchitekTURA and Bartosz Haduch have won numerous awards: including an honorable mention for one of the world's most talented young studios in the 2010 Wallpaper* Architects Directory or first place in the international competition for the design of the Embassy of Europe. The group's works have been presented during exhibitions at, among others, the European Parliament in Brussels, the complex of Scandinavian Embassies in Berlin, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the capital's National Art Gallery - Zachęta. The team's designs have been published in many international magazines such as Wallpaper*, Domus, Mark-Magazine, Elle Decoration and A&B. Bartosz Haduch and Michal Haduch are also involved in architectural criticism, working with magazines such as: Mark-Magazine, Wallpaper*, Domus, Häuser, World Architecture, A&B, Autoportret, Vox Design, Futu Design Guide, 2+3D, MOCAK Forum, Architektura-Murator and ARCH. NArchitekTURA also publishes books on various fields of design and art, including Architectourism 01 - SPAIN (awarded the 2012 Magellan Prize) and Herzog & de Meuron. Architects (and) Artists (awarded the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Young Poland). Bartosz Haduch's professional practice is complemented by scientific and educational activities honored with the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in 2011. Currently, the NArchitekTURA group is working on projects in Poland, Portugal and Morocco, as well as two books.

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