PSBA Przemysław Sokołowski Biuro Architektoniczne

PSBA is an original architectural studio founded in 2016 by architect Przemyslaw Sokolowski. Since 2018, we have been working closely with the INOONI Jakub Zygmunt studio resulting primarily in numerous competition projects. The cooperation of the two studios allows us to take on more and more design challenges and expand the range of our activities. Gained professional experience allows us to reliably approach each topic, regardless of its scale. Each investment, even the smallest one, requires an individual approach to the subject, analyzing the conditions of location, law, composition, requirements and possibilities of the investor. Good architecture, and consequently customer satisfaction, consists of a number of factors, often key already at the stage of purchasing a plot of land and planning a future investment. It is important that cooperation with an architect begins as early as possible.

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