Robert Majkut Design

ROBERT MAJKUT DESIGN is a creative studio that has been in operation since 1996. Initially focused on branding projects in architecture, graphics and product design, it has evolved into larger architectural productions and continues to work on a wide range of often highly innovative and diverse projects. Throughout its history, it has set many market standards for a wide range of industries and design methodologies, creating groundbreaking realizations for the entertainment and financial worlds, noted and appreciated on a global scale. The studio has hundreds of original projects, hundreds of thousands of square meters of implementations. The studio's projects often include strategic activities, combining the evolution and integration of products and services, interior design, branding and architecture. These activities usually result in cohesive, comprehensive solutions resulting in their business successes. Many of the studio's projects have introduced new brands and companies to the market, which were later marked by above-average market success, often becoming industry leaders.

Studio ROBERT MAJKUT DESIGN is a company with enormous market, design but also implementation experience with a portfolio that includes projects implemented in different parts of the world, which are often connected by high individuality, functionality, aesthetic sensitivity, attention to high quality and a broad perspective on the subject.

The studio cooperates with architectural offices around the World, manufacturers of various industries and also carries out artistic projects for theaters, ballet stages and art galleries.

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