Schudy Studio

The studio was founded by Katarzyna Schudy, a graduate of the interior design department of Warsaw's Academy of Fine Arts. She received her education in Poland and abroad, including at Politecnico di Milano, as well as in Warsaw and foreign studios.

We work in the areas of interior design, product design, as well as graphic design.

In the field of interior design, since 2017 we have been carrying out fully supervised, turnkey and unsupervised apartment projects, as well as conceptual designs. Often in the projects we use author's furniture custom-made for our clients.

Our portfolio includes realizations of private interiors, but also public interiors such as offices, cafes, fitness clubs.

We work with proven carpenters, renovation teams, tradesmen, so we offer comprehensive service for your investment.

We are also in the business of product design for external companies. We are the authors of furniture designs for the Kolektyv brand.

Both in the creation of furniture and interiors we value simplicity, elegance, functionality, the beauty of the material with which we work. We often reach back to the aesthetics of a bygone age, drawing from pre- and post-war designs, up to the 1970s.

We are not afraid of unusual challenges, we have a track record of thorough renovations of old buildings, large and very small attics, projects of spaces with a change of use function.

We also offer graphic design services, often as a complement to the interior design, but not only. To our credit, we have designs for corporate identity, websites, graphics for social media support.

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