Studio architektoniczne KWADRAT Sp. z o.o.

The origins of the studio date back to 1986, when the design team of the Architecture Department of the Gdansk University of Technology created the project of the Dabrowa housing estate in Gdynia. On the wave of political transformation and economic turnaround, the team leaders: Jerzy Kaczorowski, Jacek Droszcz and Adam Drohomirecki in 1989 establish one of the first private design companies known as "Kwadrat". The company's position was established after winning several major awards in architectural and urban design competitions. The studio carries out design activities in both residential and public architecture. The potential of the creator of the office was based on many years of experience as a designer and the creativity and team of young architects and architecture students. The studio has an authorial character, but every architect can develop his individuality and creative passion here. Since 1995, the studio has had its own headquarters in Gdynia - Kolibki in the historic water tract it renovated, and is run by architect Jacek Droszcz and Basil Domsta. Studio Kwadrat has participated in many architectural competitions winning a total of more than 40 awards and honors.

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