Studio Gomez

Gomez studio performs architectural and construction projects of public buildings,
single-family and multi-family residential buildings.

It specializes in performing interior designs
of public buildings, houses, apartments, and residences.

Thanks to the experience gained from many projects and advanced computer technology
Gomez Studio is able to cope with any architectural challenge.

It cooperates with reputable companies such as.
EXBUD SA Development, Energomontaż Północ, EXBUD-SKANSKA SA Development,
Lim Joint Venture, Carrefour, Hotel Marriott, Triumph International, Credit Lyonnais Bank,
PLL Lot, Atrium Tower, Concordia, Compfort Meridian, Marks&Spencer, Mitsui, Nautica,
Polish Energy Partners, Sita Equant, Solvay Pharma.

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