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Penthouse Futuro - gold interior from GO.CE Design

06 of April '20

Location in the heart of the capital, timeless design, proximity to key points on the city map, as well as solutions that guarantee comfort and security are the modern faces of luxury. The tallest residential building in the European Union - ZŁOTA 44 offers architectural and ecological functionality that allows you to work freely, improve your sports skills or develop your passions without leaving home. It is a space for people who appreciate individual designs, excellence in every detail and ambitious realizations that go beyond standards.

On the 52nd floor of Zlota 44 you will find the spectacular Futuro penthouse. The future occupant of this apartment will live high in the clouds and enjoy the stunning west-northpanorama of Warsaw. The penthouse is currently in a development state, which allows for any arrangement of the space. Futuro is a visualization of the interior proposed by the GO.CE Design brand, which combines the design office Studio Gomez and the manufacturer of exclusive furniture RC Design.

The space design concept is inspired by the interior designs of the most luxurious yachts. Soft forms, curves, or subtly diffused light, give a sense of security and comfort.

Quality of life at the highest level

What is GO.CE's unique design style based on? In the words of Hernan Gomez, architect, GO.CE furniture designer:

The interior is like a story, which we approach individually. We personalize the space according to the needs of its inhabitant. The use of unconventional solutions gives spectacular results.

We can certainly say that GO.CE's uncompromising designs create new trends in interior design. The furniture of the GO.CE studio is reminiscent of modern sculptures, and the plasticity of the design manifests itself in rounded shapes and lines, thanks to which the boundaries between rooms are blurred. The visualization created especially for ZŁOTEJ 44 is an interior arranged for a family that values safety, interior functionality and modern solutions. The project features two extremely spacious bedrooms and two bathroom lounges with glazing, thanks to which the interiors are filled with natural lighting. A fully equipped study, a spacious living room connected to the dining area, is complemented by a practical back room in the form of a pantry. There are plenty of hidden, functional rooms in the interior: a laundry room, guest bathrooms and dressing rooms.
Złota 44 Penthouse Futuro

Zlota 44 Penthouse Futuro

Illustrations courtesy of Havas PR Warsaw

Residents will also find closets and storage space to easily accommodate the belongings of the whole family. A separate master bedroom, with a double bed floating above the space, is adjacent to a bathroom and dressing room. The bedroom is located just behind the wall of the living room, which is an open space, an ideal place to relax, with a unique view of the Warsaw skyline. The delicate lines of the futuristic furniture, such as the dresser and the kitchen island, are complemented by edge lighting, which gives the interior additional character. The use of modern technology, ergonomic solutions and timeless materials, translated into the high usable quality of the furniture. The space of the penthouse has been treated unconventionally and originally, and in such artfully arranged interiors one feels like in a safe oasis.

Residents of the penthouse can enjoy the numerous amenities that the apartment building offers. Filtered air injected directly into the apartment, filtered and treated water, or tilting window panels are just some of the possibilities that make the quality of life in Zlota 44 reach a new, higher level.

Courage and creativity

Studio Gomez is a creative design office, and has been successfully operating in the architectural market for almost 20 years. Its owner , Hernan Gomez, is a multi-talented Argentinian who has gained his experience in the implementation of many international public utility projects, but also in the implementation of residential buildings for private individuals. Gomez has worked with brands such as BiM Architects, Spychala Office in Vienna and MWH Architects, and is also the forerunner of a future architecture called "Cosmos," which combines functionality and futuristic design. Studio Gomez specializes in interior design complemented by original furniture designs under the GO.CE Design brand. The furniture is made of natural materials such as wood, stone and leather, but also polished stainless steel and aluminum.

RC Design is an established manufacturer of furniture for the world's biggest brands and has been successfully turning the boldest visions of famous architects and designers into everyday reality. As Rafal Cebula CEO of RC Design says:

Despite many prestigious realizations, we all the time feel professional insufficiency in the creation of bold, unconventional furniture and projects, trying to create a new reality of design without compromise, which is why the GO.CE Design brand was created in cooperation with Hernan Gomez.

The company is the winner of the 2020 Furniture Diamond Award for its original design of the "Unique" desk.

 Złota 44 Penthouse

Zlota 44 Penthouse Futuro

Illustrations courtesy of Havas PR Warsaw

More about Zlota 44

ZŁOTA 44 , the tallest residential building in the European Union designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, is home to 287 luxury apartments. Over the 52 floors, residents can experience exciting panoramic views that, like living paintings, transform with the seasons. ZŁOTA 44 is the perfect living space. Its excellent location in the center of the Capital provides easy access to the city's cultural, commercial and business infrastructure.

Residents of ZŁOTA 44 are dedicated to business, recreational and sports space with Poland's largest private 25-meter swimming pool and a fully equipped gym. Noise reduction made possible by the building's modern façade design provides residents with peace and quiet making the apartments ideal also for demanding families. The highest class of the building is confirmed by awards given in prestigious competitions, including the International Property Awards 2015-2016where ZŁOTA 44 won in as many as four categories: the best residential building in Poland, the best apartment in Poland, the best residential high-rise and the most exclusive interior design. The apartment building's investors are BBI Development SA, a development company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and AMSTAR , an investment fund that acquires, develops and manages properties in selected markets in the US and other countries around the world.

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