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Open House Gdynia. The anniversary edition will visit all districts of Gdynia

17 of May '24

The magnificent edifice of the Bank of Poland, the Maritime Office, the Emigration Museum - these are just some of the buildings whose inaccessible spaces can be visited during the 10th edition of the Open House Gdynia festival. The event will take place from May 23-26.

Open House is an event for lovers of architecture, art and design who want to get to know the city better. The festival opens the door to well-designed spaces, often those that are inaccessible on a daily basis.

Open House Gdynia. A vote given to the residents

This year's edition of the festival is being held for the tenth time and will cover all of Gdynia's neighborhoods - and there are 21 of them. The event will begin as early as Thursday, May 23 and will last until Sunday, May 26. Participation is free, although registration is required for most events, which will start on Saturday, May 18 at noon on the festival's website. The extensive program includes building tours, guided thematic walks, visits to private homes, offices, gardens and allotments. But also exhibitions, expert workshops, meetings, film screenings and concerts.

Budynek Sądu Rejonowego w Gdyni

The building of the District Court in Gdynia

Jan Rutka/

On the occasion of the festival's anniversary,we will more oftengive the floor to the residents themselves, who will tell their stories related to the places where they live and work, the buildings where they grew up, the schools they attended. The aim of the festival is to show the qualities of Gdynia in an accessible way, giving both a broad view of the city's history and focusing on the personal threads of its residents, the organizers announce.

Gdynia's characteristic buildings from the inside

Among the buildings that can be visited during this year's edition are the PLO building, designed in the 1930s, the Mercure Centrum Gdynia Hotel (and its nooks and crannies that are inaccessible on a daily basis), the building of the District Court in Gdynia, the Emigration Museum, the Danuta Baduszkowa Music Theater, the interiors of the Jesuit School Complex and the headquarters of the Maritime Office, which is located in one of Gdynia's most interesting interwar buildings. Festival participants can also take a look at the Planetarium of the Navigation Department of the Maritime University, or - a treat for railroad enthusiasts - the electric locomotive depot at 350 Morska Street.

Akwarium Gdyńskie

Gdynia Aquarium

fot. Dominik Jagodziński/

One of the main attractions is the building of the Polish Bank, built in 1928-29 according to a design by Warsaw architect Stanislaw Filasiewicz. It was one of the most luxurious Bank edifices that were built in the Second Republic. During the festival it will be possible to see the building for the first time, just after the renovation is completed.

There will also bevisits to private apartments and studios of local artists. The program is available on the event's website.

Ewa Karendys

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