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Bedroom - new trends from Westwing Collection

07 of April '20

Spring is the perfect time to make changes in your immediate environment. For a refreshed look after the autumn and winter period, it is worth considering the bedroom first, in order to create in it a real oasis of peace and relaxation.

Westwing Collection designers present 5 trends you need to know before you start your metamorphosis. This year is dominated by calm, muted colors, inspired by earth tones with strong accents.


Simple, geometric shapes of furniture bring balance to the interior. Introducing symmetry and simple solids into the bedroom is ideal if you want it to become an oasis of tranquility, in addition to being in line with the latest trends. Adding decorations in a classic style, such as plaster statues or pot covers, you get a catalog arrangement.

Structural differences

A fluffy long pile rug or jute rugs, topped with solid cotton bedding and a bedspread with an original 3D raised pattern - you can combine all this into a beautiful and cohesive combination, which, according to Westwing Collection designers, is the hit of the season. Will you take up the challenge?

Nowa kolekcja Westwing

New Westwing Collection

© Westwing

Patterns = express metamorphosis

Patterns on bedding are the easiest way to bring trends into your bedroom design. For the upcoming season, Westwing Collection designers propose linear drawings and geometric blocks of color. These abstract works of art are created from breathable percale and satin cotton that you'll want to wrap yourself in.

A piece for comfort

A bedroom bench is a piece of furnishings that is steadily growing in popularity. It's hardly surprising, since it gives us a place to comfortably get dressed, put away decorative textiles to cover the bed for the night, or use it when changing bed linens. Beautiful, functional and very trendy!

Stylish and cozy at the same time

With bedding made of lightweight, natural materials such as linen and cotton, the bedroom becomes a haven of well-being and rest. The combination of art, batik and tropical patterns in warm, sunny colors - mustard, olive green and shades of terracotta - bring a touch of summer elegance.

compiled by: ed.

illustrations courtesy of Westwing

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