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Redevelopment of Jordan Garden designed by UGO Architecture

06 of April '20
Technical data
Name: Modernization of Jordanian Garden No. 1
Location: , Poznań, 2 Solna St.
Design team:

Hugon Kowalski, Anna Szczepaniak, Paweł Furmanowski, Sonia Dubois

Usable area: 1723.0 m²
Year of construction: 2019
Investor: Poznań City Hall

Probably each of us remembers from his childhood that sometimes it was hard to find a place designated for carefree play and fun. A place where you could kick the ball like Ronaldo, without fear of it hitting someone's window or flying out onto a busy street and ending up miserably under the wheels of cars. This problem and the fear that comes with it is still there - regardless of the age of the players.

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