WXCA – pracownia architektoniczna

Szczepan WrońskiMarta Sękulska- WrońskaPaweł Grodzicki

Szczepan Wroński, Marta Sękulska-Wrońska, Paweł Grodzicki

WXCA is an architectural studio offering a wide range of services to the Investor. Starting from program consultations, through design: urban planning, architectural, engineering, up to implementation service, interior design and landscape architecture.

Our most important goal is to meet the expectations of the Investor, to provide him with comprehensive service in the implementation of the order. We closely follow the directions of changes in the construction market, efficiently respond to the needs of Investors and offer the possibility of implementing the entire or partial package of design services.

A clear program of action and high culture of work guarantee harmonious cooperation between the Parties. We ensure professional implementation of investments because our subcontractors are only companies with a recognized position in the market. We invest in the team, modern technologies and efficient organizational systems.

WXCA relies on the knowledge, reliability and dynamism of the group of professionals forming the project team. Young designers work together with architects with many years of professional experience. This is a deliberate effort to combine practice with an innovative approach.

We approach all projects with passion. We try to make them unique and functional at the same time. We make every effort to turn our Investors' plans into reality with attention to the smallest

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