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Prescription bench

07 of June '24
w skrócie
  1. The city's benches support the elderly and those with limited mobility, allowing them to get around the city safely.
  2. Parents with young children use benches both for feeding and for resting while walking.
  3. Benches serve a strategic function in areas requiring rest, contributing to greater independence and comfort for residents.
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    It's late September, maybe already November, Poland has entered a time of grayness in which it will basically last until the end of February, maybe even March. If you move around the city, it's only so that you won't be outside for long. No one stops on the sidewalk to admire how the trees are becoming increasingly bare, the cold rain and wind effectively discouraging anyone from staying any extra second outside. No one wants to sit on a bench - at least it seems that way.

    It seems, well, exactly. Because the bench for those who do not need it for survival, for the need to exist in the space of the city exists only in a romantic (date) or social vision (beer of the youth until late at night). Occasionally, someone will still add that it is not worth installing benches, because "pathology" will sit there.

    We systematically got rid of benches from our neighborhoods, streets, parks and squares. Argumentum ad hałasum was key. However, it turns out that only someone who has never needed a bench to survive can say so. Yes, survival.

    not just for a date

    A place to sit is needed not only for a date. Benches contribute to making urban spaces more accessible to the elderly and those with limited mobility. They allow for regular stops, making the city more friendly for all users. Doubt these words? Go out to the store with your grandmother or elderly neighbor. I guarantee you - if there is no place to squat, it will be an exhausting trip. For many people, their absence means giving up on leaving home altogether. Quite frightening, because movement is the basis for the proper functioning of the body. Benches are an invaluable support for them, enabling them to move safely and comfortably.

    Pani, która chce przysiąść po zrobieniu zakupów

    A lady who wants to sit down after shopping - a strategic bench that allows you to take a breather

    © Magdalena Milert

    Point two on the list of the presence of bench addiction are young parents, including nursing moms. Many of them plan their outings so as to get home in time to eat. But things are sometimes different. The bench provides an opportunity to provide for the basic need of getting food to the baby. Ideally, there should be special benches that are somewhat separate from the surroundings, and to complete happiness, there should also be a changing table in public places. For many municipalities, however, these are visions almost like from sci-fi movies, with flying cars and buildings floating in the air. Caregivers with young children also often use benches to... simply relax while walking. Benches are also a place where children can rest for a while while playing.

    The third place is a strategic bench, which is not for admiring the view, but for catching your breath. In all places where one has to walk a piece on one's own, for example, over long pedestrian crossings, over footbridges and under streets, but also on the sidewalk leading from the housing development to the store, church, to the bus stop - a place to squat is a strategic few minutes to catch one's breath. For people with mobility problems, such as myself when I had to get around on crutches, the benches provided a place where I could rest and recuperate. They are also an important element that gives greater independence in daily functioning. The benches are also an invaluable place to rest after shopping.

    socially reluctant

    Yes, benches are also places where the community is fenced in. Sometimes neighbors of such places do not like the fact that the meeting place happens to be under their windows. This is understandable - everyone would like a relatively quiet and peaceful neighborhood. The good news is that you don't have to eliminate the benches completely to get rid of the problem. It is enough to change their form. Squat benches or single benches are now available. The former - they provide an opportunity to take a break, and are most often used along busy pedestrian routes. They are easy to get up from, as they prevent sinking. The latter - are only for one person, so the risk of inviting a group to use it is zero.

    ławka typu spocznik

    A rest bench - a bench for standing rest, so that elderly people who have a problem with sinking into standard benches or deep seats, a new addition to the urban furniture system since recently, can rest, among others

    © Magdalena Milert

    Benches that encourage people to stay are those with a view, positioned to admire the surroundings, read a book, be in a particular place longer. They will not be used in the plush - all the others mentioned above will be used by all those who depend on them for their daily lives. Benches are an indispensable part of the urban landscape. They are more than just a place to sit - they play a key role in creating a friendly, accessible and inclusive public space. They are an essential component of an inclusive city, even on days when the sun is out. Their presence supports diverse social groups, helping to improve the quality of life for residents. Investing in the right quantity and quality of benches is investing in health, comfort and social inclusion.

    Magdalena Milert

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