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Pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Copenhagen by students of Poznan University of Technology

02 of June '20

Pawel Danielak, Bartek Bruzda, Nina Lipowska and Marcela Sobanski, architecture students from Poznan University of Technology, won second place in the international competition entitled. "The City Link" organized by the UNI competitions platform. The Poles' project was selected from 153 entries from around the world. Congratulations!

The task of the competition was to design a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, which is not only a communication bridge, but also a new element of public space. The study area included a section of Copenhagen 's inner harbor between Gammelholm (the city center) and the Christianshavn district. One of the requirements of the competition was to include the opening of the bridge for the flow of ships. The proposed design had to encourage both tourists and locals to visit it and use environmentally friendly means of transportation. The organizers also asked to include service points in the design, such as a café and a bicycle workshop, as well as an open public area.

Projekt mostu zajął
drugie miejsce w konkursie

The pedestrian and bicycle bridge also allows the passage of ships

© Paweł Danielak, Bartek Bruzda, Nina Lipowska, Marceli Sobański

a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists

"Floating Islands" is the second-prize winning project of a team from Poznan University of Technology. The authors, referring to Copenhagen's pro-bicycle policy and its infrastructure, proposed two collision-free routes across the river, which at the top merge to create an open public space planted with greenery. To allow the passage of ships across the river, the structure was divided into two parts. As a result of its rotation around its axis, the block splits to create a 25-meter space for ships, and the change in the bridge's orientation provides new views for café guests.

Widok z kawiarni
podczas obrotu mostu

The view from the cafe during the rotation of the bridge

© Pawel Danielak, Bartek Bruzda, Nina Lipowska, Marceli Sobanski

According to the designers:

We see how good urban infrastructure is driving people's choices toward greener transportation. Therefore, when creating the conceptual design of the bridge, our overriding goal was to create an object with all the required functions, without compromising its functionality. Two routes provide a fast and collision-free river crossing, and the shape of the hills creates a pleasant space for people to gather, hold public events and admire the city.

przekrój mostu
w Kopenhadze

The proposed bridge is also a new architectural form for Copenhagen

© Pawel Danielak, Bartek Bruzda, Nina Lipowska, Marceli Sobanski

Thanks to the design used, the authors managed to maximize the usable area of the bridge and create a unique new architectural form for Copenhagen - a place not only for crossing to the other side of the river, but also for meetings.

Pawel Danielak and Bartlomiej Bruzda are also the authors of another awarded project - the Iceland Volcano Museum.

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illustrations courtesy of Pawel Danielak, Bartek Bruzda,
Nina Lipowskie and Marceli Sobanski

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