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Julia Wywiał - "Center for Choreography and Dance Culture in Wroclaw".

02 of January '24
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2023
Name: "Center for Choreography and Dance Culture in Wroclaw".
Author: Julia Wywiał
University: Faculty of Interior Design at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.
Promoter: Dr. Agata Wojtyła-Młynarczyk

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2022/2024".

The subject of the thesis is the design of the Center for Choreography and Dance Culture „Four Corners" in the building of the New 7 Hall in the Wrocław Industrial Park. I was motivated by personal passion and experience to better understand the needs of dancers. "Four Corners” is a space for artists over the age of thirteen, offering rooms designed for different styles of dance: classical, street, high heels, social, and additionally stretching.

Centrum Choreografii i Kultury Tańca we Wrocławiu - budynek Hali Nowej 7 we Wrocławskim Parku Przemysłowym

Center for Choreography and Dance Culture in Wrocław—building of Hall New 7 in Wrocław Industrial Park

© Julia Wywiał

Each room reflects the style of dance through its color scheme and details. Colors in the interior were limited to four main colors: navy blue, orange, light blue and pink. A survey allowed the design to be adapted to the dancers' expectations, focusing on comfort, safety and freedom of movement.

Centrum Choreografii i Kultury Tańca we Wrocławiu, rzut piętra i parteru

Center for Choreography and Dance Culture in Wrocław, floor and first floor plan

© Julia Wywiał

The choice of the location in the New 7 Hall, in addition to aesthetic qualities, was dictated by the huge square footage, high ceiling without excess structural elements, plenty of natural light and brick facade.

Sala tańca klasycznego

classical dance hall

© Julia Wywiał

Upon entering the interior, the first training room is the classical dance room. The dominant color in it is light blue, symbolizing the need for self-expression and striving. Mirrors add depth and optically enlarge the room, while proprietary seating provides comfort when putting on pooches. In the room for styles danced in heels, such as high heels and ballroom dancing, the predominant color scheme is pink, symbolizing touch, partnering and sensuality.

Sala do tańca na obcasach

room for dancing in heels

© Julia Wywiał

The room for street dancing, on the other hand, is orange. The design was inspired by the history of the rise of hip-hop, which emerged in Brooklyn, New York. The intention was to reflect the energy, warmth and atmosphere of the streets of the big city. The stretch room is decorated in navy blue, symbolizing relaxation and unwinding.

Sala do stretchingu

Stretching room

© Julia Wywiał

The facility has been enhanced with a bar area with a dining room. While dining, clients can watch the workouts visible through the glass windows in the rooms. All four guiding colors are concentrated in this part, visible in numerous accessories, furniture or original design solutions.

Centrum Choreografii i Kultury Tańca we Wrocławiu, bar

Center for Choreography and Dance Culture in Wrocław, bar

© Julia Wywiał

Theupstairs space is dedicated to dancers who want to practice individually, outside of scheduled classes. A pouring paint on the floor in the form of an orange graphic sticker leads to this zone. A metal and glass balustrade separates the usable area from the glazed sections in the floor. The glazing allows observation of the trainers, and also provides a sense of connectivity between the rooms.

Hol na piętrze

The lobby on the first floor

© Julia Wywiał

On the first floor, there is an integration room in the central area. It was designed for group meetings, watching dance broadcasts. MDF benches were used on several levels to provide seating for more participants. Circular stickers in four colors were placed on the floor, with colorful poufs or swings matched accordingly.

Centrum Choreografii i Kultury Tańca we Wrocławiu, sala integracyjna

Center for Choreography and Dance Culture in Wrocław, integration room

© Julia Wywiał

The design includes supplementary rooms such as the reception area, staff rooms, kitchen and sanitary area with checkrooms. Numerous colorful accents and accessories create a distinctive atmosphere of the place. The floor, most of the walls and ceilings are kept in a monochromatic palette, providing a background for the main colors. The floor is decorated with micro-cement, while the walls and ceilings have been covered with paint imitating concrete.

Centrum Choreografii i Kultury Tańca we Wrocławiu, przekroje

Center for Choreography and Dance Culture in Wrocław, sections

© Julia Wywiał

The realization of this project was extremely rewarding for me, despite the difficulties associated with adapting the architecture of the building. It was possible to successfully integrate all the original assumptions and create a place that not only supports dance learning, but also promotes interaction and integration.


Illustrations: © Author

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