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Circularity and Rotor studio on display at the Institute of Design

28 of April '22

The Institute of Design in Kielce invites you to two exhibitions on the issues of circular economy and recycling of building materials in architectural practice.


The authors of the exhibitions ask questions about future sources of materials from which buildings are constructed. The exhibition explores the possibilities of exploiting the rubble created during the demolition of existing structures and using fragments of old buildings in new projects. This type of practice is used by Brussels-based Rotor in its operations.


Fotografia z wystawy Fotografia z wystawy

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Rotor is a design group dedicated to the organization of the material environment. The architects work critically through research and design. In addition to architectural and interior design projects, they also realize exhibitions, books, economic models and proposals for political solutions. The story of their work titled "99%" will be the first of the exhibitions presented at the IDK gallery.

material under construction

fotografia z wystawy fotografia z wystawy

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However, the exhibition goes beyond design practice and speculates on changes in the construction industry in the face of the environmental crisis. The section titled "Material Under Construction" shows how construction markets could operate in the future. The institute will present in real time the results of an ongoing experiment in its studios to transform construction waste from the neighboring construction site of the Kubuś Puppet and Actor Theater into usable objects. For the duration of the project, an ID construction outlet - a free exchange facility for unwanted construction materials - will appear in the lobby.



The exhibition will be open from 28.04-26.06.2022

Opening: 28.04.2022, 18:00

Place: Institute of Design in Kielce, Gallery on the first floor

admission free

details: facebook

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