Autodesk AEC collection + Revit Template AEC Design template

01 of February '21

Comprehensive toolkit for the Architect.
"Programs and Applications for the Architect - 2021 Review".

Autodesk AEC Collection is a complete set of applications designed to help designers, engineers and contractors work through the entire process from the various phases of the project, through planning and execution, to the opportunities associated with the use of BIM models and data during the operation of the facility. The AEC collection is the answer to a full set of needs in terms of all the trades involved in the design process from architecture, site design, construction to the various branches of networks and internal installations. The collection is also the ideal answer to the scenario of transition from 2D to BIM.

Autodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design templateAutodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design templateAutodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design template

Autodesk AEC software collection

AEC Collection is first and foremost a group of complementary tools for design, both in construction and infrastructure topics, at different stages of investment. It's also a number of additional opportunities to use the design for various analyses, simulations or visualizations, but above all coordination at different levels of relationships in the project - that is, everything you need for accurate prediction and optimization - still on the computer screen. Thecollection includes programs:

Autodesk Revit

is the primary tool in the collection aimed at working with architectural design in the form of a BIM Model, but it is worth mentioning several key applications that complement these capabilities and provide a picture of the true potential in design.

Autodesk AutoCAD

is to work with all kinds of flat studies like maps for design purposes, underpinnings of industry studies or details of solutions from a selected manufacturer.

Autodesk 3ds Max

is a powerful tool for producing top-quality architectural visualizations, which can be based on parallel project models developed in Autodesk Revit.

Autodesk FormIt Pro

is 3D sketches in the early stages of concept, which are later to be used fully in the final BIM model.

Autodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design templateAutodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design templateAutodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design template

Autodesk Revit the main gateway to BIM

Autodesk Revit is the most widely used and best battle-tested program for BIM design. The most important features of the program that have made it so successful are first and foremost the full integration of all trades in a single model, flexible tools for working at all stages of a project, full consistency of all studies related to documentation, BIM model and numerical data in the form of summaries, and very extensive automation and support capabilities thanks to Generative Design and Dynamo scripts.

Autodesk Revit also means seamless work and BIM modeling in a multi-user team through integrated Collaboration modules, both in local network mode and in fully automated BIM360 cloud services. Collaboration ranges from multiple people developing an architectural project in parallel to collaborative use of multiple trades' spaces on live linked models.

Coordination within Autodesk Revit on collision checking tools and working with multiple views can be taken to the next level with Autodesk Navisworks, with additional capabilities for collision reports, schedules and model analysis.

Autodesk Revit's collaboration with other platforms and the chance to present specifically narrowed models in terms of information is full integration with the IFC format. Linking capabilities with information and geometry and export with full control over the set of parameters and model ranges.

Autodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design templateAutodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design templateAutodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design template

Revit Template AEC Design template - accelerated start in the project.

Revit Template is the starting point for a new project, including: view templates, loaded families, defined settings (i.e.: units, fill patterns, line styles, line thicknesses, view scales and more) and geometry. It helps minimize workload, ensures productivity and serves as a common starting point for every team member in the office.

We have design templates for architects, civil engineers, sanitary engineers and electrical engineers. They were developed by AEC Design's design team based on their experience working in design offices. AEC Design 's proprietary Revit Template has been positively evaluated by our clients, who have implemented it at their companies. Users emphasize that its arranged structure and well-thought-out settings ensure consistent results at every stage of the design process.

Implementing BIM with AEC Design

AEC Design has extensive experience in implementation processes across a wide cross-section of design offices of different sizes, experience levels or industries served. The company's staff is made up of a group of individuals with very diverse backgrounds in the construction industry space, and the multitude of cases considered at each stage and from each side of the project helps to accurately assess the needs and choose the right path to optimally achieve the team's efficiency in creating BIM documentation at the right level.

AEC Design has been supporting Poland's most pioneering projects and major design officesfor more than 20 years, and with this combination, the company is able to provide full-service support tailored to each individual client.

BIM implementation consists of a series of stages, where by learning the working methodology and adopted processes, AEC Design specialists arrange and implement a plan to build both the knowledge and skills of individuals in the team, but also to establish office standards and procedures related to conducting projects in BIM, as an evolution of existing practices and habits.

A BIM implementation is also not necessarily a single event that lasts in calendar-set weeks. The company's relationship with its clients most often continues as the BIM function develops in subsequent projects or the team expands, and the growing experience with Autodesk Revit and related tools opens up opportunities for new joint ideas and service through the creation of additional tools, libraries or the joint search for custom solutions.

Autodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC DesignAutodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC DesignAutodesk AEC Collection + Revit Template AEC Design

BIM Training with AEC Design

One of the most important steps to working comfortably with any tool is, of course, learning the basics under the guidance of experts.

Training with Autodesk Revit, Navisworks or Dynamo at AEC Design is first and foremost about working with qualified engineers who specialize in various fields and benefit from a wealth of practical experience in the knowledge they impart.

Trainings are conducted on the basis of continuously developed programs, and their content is dynamic and draws from the daily experience of AEC Design specialists and the intertwined topics developed with clients. All participants receive an additional database of materials and an Autodesk International Certificate upon completion of training.

Dedicated training courses, either aspart of an implementation or as an independent service, have the ability to tailor the program to the individual needs of the office or project, and are often held directly on materials from the specific project on which the team will continue working in BIM. This tailored approach paves the way for full optimization of the knowledge transferred to specific problems and issues related to often specialized investment topics.

For more information, visit the company's AEC Design – Lider zastosowań BIM page on the A&B portal.

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