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BIM - a set of specialized services for architects from AEC Design

01 of April '22

AEC Design – Lider zastosowań BIM is a company with many years of experience. As an Autodesk Authorized Partner with Gold status, we have been providing comprehensive solutions for 20 years: software, specialized services, implementation and training for professionals in the construction and architecture and mechanical engineering industries.

The strength of the company is based on its employees. AEC Design has a permanent team of experts with many years of experience, who are well acquainted with the specifics of their work and the needs of their clients. In over a dozen years of operation, we have also developed a network of contacts of collaborators - active professionals in the AEC and MFG industry. This makes us one of the best recognized and best rated companies in our specialty.

In the field of architecture and construction, we are a leader in BIM implementations.
We specialize in BIM (Building Information Modeling) services:

  • BIM trainings - Revit, Navisworks, BIM Manager
  • BIM implementations
  • BIM 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D modeling
  • creation of libraries in Revit
  • project assistance - creation of a pilot project in BIM
  • cost analysis in BIM.

1 BIM in design FIT OUT

In interior design, BIM allows us to keep everyone involved in the design and fit-out process. This means we can answer questions and solve problems quickly and efficiently. BIM helps improve the design documentation, estimating, procurement, planning, coordination, cost effectiveness and closing documents for finishes, furniture and furnishings that are integral to the development process. We support our clients throughout the entire process of creating a BIM model: from the design stage, through the construction stage, to the finishing stage. As a result, we are able to anticipate problems and solve them early in the FIT-OUT process.

2. digital twin in construction

A digital twin( Digital Twin) in construction is a digital representation of an object, reflecting the 3D geometry of the physical components and the actual non-graphical information about these components, used at the operation stage of a construction object. The necessary information, which is used at the stage of facility management, is recorded in the individual components at the very first design stages. Special attention should be paid here to clearly specifying the requirements for our digital twin already before the start of the design stage, so that our virtual representation of the facility contains the necessary information for use at the 01 stage of its operation.

3 BIM services provided by BIM engineers AEC Design

Digital transformation is becoming a key part of business strategy. We help AEC Design's clients explore the world of innovative solutions that the implementation of BIM methodology opens up for them. Not only do we accompany you at every stage of the change process, but also, depending on your needs, we offer dedicated solutions to unlock your company's potential, gain a competitive advantage and ensure sustainable, stable growth.

Implementation of BIM methodology in organizations

We provide comprehensive support throughout the process: we help establish BIM goals, develop and conduct surveys to best understand our clients' needs, prepare an implementation plan, conclusions and recommendations, and carry out the implementation of the BIM methodology.

We have experience in many industries in the construction sector:

  • BIM for design offices
  • BIM for investors - public and private
  • BIM for contractors
  • BIM for developers
  • BIM for manufacturing companies
  • BIM for Infrastructure

4. design in the cloud - digital transformation in design offices

Design work is a complex process, the success of which consists of many factors. Not only the right competence or professional tools are important, but also smooth communication and efficient exchange of information. Especially in the era of a dynamically changing market, it is necessary to implement solutions to ensure smooth work of project teams, regardless of the circumstances.

Regardless of how big your company is, what kind of projects it handles and how big investors it works with - you can implement tools that will not only streamline daily work, but in the long run will allow you to achieve the business goals of your project office. This is because the strength of cloud solutions and BIM methodology is flexibility, allowing you to tailor the solution to your real needs and capabilities.

BIM Collaborate Pro is a cloud-based project collaboration and coordination software that brings together architectural, engineering and construction teams to help realize project concepts and deliver high-quality construction models on a single platform.

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