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Competition for the development of an architectural concept for the modernization and expansion of the building of the Educational and Museum Center of the Roztocze National Park, together with land development and a path in the "treetops" and a viewing tower

organizer: Roztocze National Park

Roztocze National Park has announced a one-stage implementation competition for the modernization and expansion of the Education and Museum Center in Zwierzyniec. The competition also calls for the design of an educational path and a viewing tower. The deadline for submitting works is April 28 this year.


The purpose of the Competition is to obtain the best concept in terms of architecture, space and functional-utility, for the modernization and expansion of the RPN Education and Museum Center building, together with land development and an educational path in the "treetops" and a viewing tower in the area indicated in the appendices to the regulations.

terms and conditions

The competition is an implementation, unlimited, one-stage competition.

The competition requires the submission of one competition work, and participants may be individuals, legal entities, organizational units without legal personality. Participants taking part in the competition jointly are obliged to establish a proxy authorized to represent them.

The subject of the competition is to create an architectural concept/visualization of the modernization and expansion of the RPN Educational and Museum Center building at 3 Beach Street in Zwierzyniec, together with land development and a path in the "crowns of the trees" and a viewing tower within the boundaries of the competition study, taking into account the indications and conditions specified by the RPN.

The planned task is related to the statutory activities of the Park. The task is oriented towards the ecological effect, the realization of the statutory objectives of the Roztocze National Park, and not the financial profit associated with the operation of the facilities. Tasks implemented in the project are aimed at educational activities and making the park accessible to tourism and promoting the idea of nature conservation.

TheEducation and Museum Center (OEM) was put into operation in 1994, as one of the first in Polish national parks. The increase in tourist traffic, the need to use modern technologies and forms of education, "green technologies", the implementation of new tasks facing national parks, and the decapitalization of infrastructure are forcing the expansion, modernization and adaptation of the OEM to new needs.

Theconstruction of an educational path "in the treetops" in the immediate vicinity of the OEM and the historic part of Zwierzyniec and Echo Ponds is intended to extend the tourist season and increase the attractiveness of the area of lesser natural values, adjacent to the tourist area of Zwierzyniec.

The construction of a tower in Panasówka is a measure aimed at defragmenting tourist traffic and relieving pressure on areas of natural value. Redirecting it, through the development of tourist attractions, to a peripheral area - the Park's buffer zone. The observation tower will provide a glimpse of the disappearing cultural harmonious landscapes of Roztocze in the region's edge zone.

The concept of the project should take into account architectural and communication and information assumptions in the sense of the Act of July 19, 2019 on ensuring accessibility for people with special needs. Each space should allow maximum independent and informed use. It should be accessible and free of architectural barriers, so that all rooms and accompanying facilities are accessible to people in wheelchairs or to people with other dysfunctions.

Detailed design guidelines can be found in Appendix 19.

The maximum planned total cost of completing the project in a finished state, including interior furnishings and landscaping in the scope will not exceed PLN 44,110,000 gross.

The maximum planned total cost of the execution of the object of service on the basis of the selected competition work will not exceed the amount of PLN 210,000 gross.

The competition work must unambiguously indicate spatial, functional, programmatic and other solutions relevant to the idea of the presented concept. In terms of graphics, the competition work must be characterized by the legibility of textual and drawing information.

The work should consist of a graphic part (boards in 100×70 cm format in a horizontal arrangement, in the number of up to 12 pieces) and a descriptive part (up to 32 pages of standard text in A4 format and additionally: a program table of the building, a table of the building parameters, a site balance table, other required by the regulations and law, and boards of the graphic part reduced to A3 format).


The total amount allocated by the organizer for cash prizes and honorable mentions is PLN 70 thousand gross.

The competition provides for the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize - 40 thousand zlotys gross, and an invitation to negotiate under a sole-source contract,
  • II Prize - 20 thousand PLN gross,
  • Third Prize - 10 thousand PLN gross.

The works will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • aesthetics, quality and innovation of the adopted solutions,
  • implementation in relation to the existing building and spatial context,
  • functional and utility values of the adopted solutions,
  • technical and economic qualities of the adopted solutions.


  • deadline for submission of competition works - until April 28, 2023, 3 pm,
  • announcement of results - by May 12, 2023,
  • post-competition exhibition - Q2/Q3 2023,
  • negotiation and signing of the contract for Pfu implementation - no later than June 12, 2023,
  • Pfu execution - four months from the date of signing the contract,
  • completion of the competition - October 16, 2023.


The jury consists of nine people:

  • Tomasz Dudek - chairman of the competition court, architect,
  • Dr. Michal Dmitruk - architect,
  • Karol Krupa - architect,
  • Urszula Kolman - mayor of Zwierzyniec,
  • Jacek Pawluk - mayor of Tereszpol municipality,
  • Tadeusz Grabowski - deputy park director for social functions of the park,
  • Wieslaw Droździel - deputy park director for nature protection,
  • Paweł Marczakowski - OEM manager,
  • Łukasz Sędłak - manager of ZUP.

The secretary of the competition is Anna Rawiak, and the assistant of the jury is Adriana Plewa.

more information

For more information, detailed guidelines, rules and regulations and appendices, visit the competition website.