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PLGBC Green Building Awards 2023

organizer: Polish Green Building Association PLGBC

The Polish Green Building Association has announced the 13th edition of the PLGBC Green Building Awards. The competition aims to recognize commitment to the development of sustainable construction in Poland. Applications are accepted until June 30 this year.


The purpose of the competition is to recognize the commitment of its participants to the development of sustainable construction in Poland, as well as to raise awareness of this development among the construction market in Poland and around the world.

terms and conditions

The competition is independent, open, one-stage, and includes construction projects designed, implemented and completed, as well as interiors in buildings completed in Poland, as well as products and services of companies operating in Poland betweenJune 2021 and June 2023. The competition does not require any entry fees.

The jury will evaluate the submitted projects both in terms of values related to ecological construction and sustainable development, as well as architectural and aesthetic qualities. Social aspects and any interesting innovative ideas addressing the combination of the aforementioned qualities will also be taken into account.

The object of the competition is to submit a sustainable building, interior, building design, product or initiative in the following ten categories:

  • Category 1 - Best certified green building,
  • Category 2 - Best green building without certification (or pre-certified),
  • Category 3 - Best green project (professional and student),
  • Category 4 - Best green multifamily residential development,
  • Category 5 - Best ecological single-family residential development,
  • Category 6 - Best ecological retrofit,
  • Category 7 - Best green public sector building,
  • Category 8 - Best sustainable interior,
  • Category 9 - Sustainable product/service of the year,
  • Category 10 - Best green city/municipal initiative.

It is allowed for one person to submit several different entries to one or more categories. One entry may be submitted to a maximum of two different categories.

The competition is open to:

  • companies, organizations or institutions that have designed, built, own or manage a building,
  • companies and students who have designed a building and its construction has not yet started, is in progress or is a conceptual project (without being intended for construction)
  • companies, organizations or institutions that have designed or own a specific interior (room, group of rooms) in the building
  • companies and organizations that provide services and products for the construction and real estate sectors.

The application consists of two mandatory points, which the organizers recommend completing on the same day, these are: filling out the appropriate online form and sending to any attachments required for the category - in the form of a link to files uploaded on WeTransfer (preferred) or Google Drive.

Detailed terms and conditions of participation can be found in the terms and conditions of the competition.


Each category provides for the awarding of one grand prize and one honorable mention. Winners receive a statuette and a diploma, while honorable mentions only receive a diploma. The organizer also provides for the awarding of a Special Prize for the most outstanding entry.

Unique statuettes for the winners will be designed and prepared by Horizone Graphics.

The winning entries will be announced during the PLGBC Green Building Summit, and the list of winners and honorable mentions will be posted on the PLGBC website, published in the PLGBC newsletter and released to the media.


  • deadline for submissions - by June 30, 2023,
  • announcement of results during the PLGBC Green Building Summit - October 5, 2023.


Entries will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary jury, diversified in terms of competence and educational direction:

  • Maciej Chrzanowski, PhD - structural engineer, Business Development Leader in Construction - Steligence® Resident Poland | CEE Cluster Leader, ArcelorMittal,
  • Katarzyna Czyzewska - Senior Consultant for Sustainable Construction, Sweco Polska,
  • Emilia Dębowska - Sustainability Director, Panattoni,
  • Andrzej Gutowski - ESG & Sustainability Leader, Director, Colliers,
  • Wiktor Kowalski - Associate, Buro Happold
  • Anna Kulinska - member of the National Council of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland IARP, Partner, Line Architects
  • Dr. Agnieszka Labus - President, Architecture Laboratory 60+ Foundation,
  • Michał Marszałek - Associate, International Well Building Institute IWBI,
  • Tomasz Pągowski - designer, television host, co-founder of Pągowski Studio,
  • Ph.D Przemysław Poszwa - expert of the UN Environment Climate Leadership program, Member of the Expert Council of the Polish Plastic Pact, engineer, scientist, educator, blogger,,
  • Ph.D Marta Prominska - plenipotentiary of the Board of Directors of the Association of Polish Architects SARP for Environment and Climate Protection, architect, urban planner, Strabag
  • Ph.D Monika Szewczyk - biologist, expert, UNEP/GRID Center Warsaw,
  • Veronika Themerson - Center of Excellence Director Environmental at office development business unit in CEE, Skanska
  • Ph.D Justyna Tomaszewska - Senior Consultant in the Sustainability and Economics team, Deloitte Advisory.

more information

Detailed information and downloadable materials can be found on the competition website.