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Architectural competition "Tourist hostel on the mountain Hedgehog Water with restaurant and viewing terraces"

organizer: IDEANOVA Foundation

The IDEANOVA Foundation has announced a two-phase international architectural competition for the building of a tourist hostel on the mountain of Jeżowa Woda (Beskid Wyspowy) with a restaurant and viewing terraces. The deadline for registration is March 30, 2023.


The goal of the IDEANOVA Foundation, the organizer of the competition, is to stimulate creative imagination and initiate an intellectual experiment realized in the form of an artistically valuable spatial form, responding to the comprehensively understood needs of "thinking man". It is expected from the authors that the proposals for design solutions will be contextually, formally and content-wise adequate to the ideological assumptions of the competition and will serve to "discover" in time perspective, new ideas - useful and enriching the world of general human values.

The subject of the competition "Tourist hostel on the mountain Jeżowa Woda with restaurant and viewing terraces", is to develop an architectural concept of a tourist hostel located in the Beskid Wyspowy, on the mountain Jeżowa Woda. The designed object should be a place of modern character, with a form that looks into the distant future, while remaining in harmony with the surrounding nature. The highest floor should be above the treetops and be visible from all nearby peaks, yet dominate the landscape of the Island Beskid as little as possible.

The project should take into account the preservation of economic rationality, understood as a project to be carried out in the standard technologies currently used or innovative technologies, but at a cost that can be considered common sense for this type of building.

The competition organizer assures that it will make strenuous efforts to commission the Competition winner with a complete project to the extent necessary to obtain a valid building permit, and will make further efforts to obtain funds for the implementation of this project.

terms and conditions

The Competition has an open, two-stage character and is organized as part of the cyclical architectural competitions of the IDEANOVA Foundation.

The competition entry must be written in one of the following languages: Polish, English, Italian, French, German or Spanish (this applies to both the drawing and descriptive parts of the competition entries).

The competition is organized for architects, designers, as well as other artists (including university students) and mixed teams (consisting, for example, of the author of the concept and the author of the technical side of the project).

Registration of participants in the competition is carried out via a form on the website and confirmation of acceptance of the application.

The competition is divided into two stages. In the first stage of the competition, participantssubmit competition works, which are their design proposals for the Tourist Hostel facility, accompanied by descriptive documentation, with reference to the clearly specified theme and motif of the competition.

In the second stage , participants selected by the jury after the first stage (a maximum of five projects), after making a "development" of the project, in the form of a three-dimensional visualization and / or in the form of a video file, drawings and a descriptive part, submit it for evaluation. Development is understood as detailing with the necessary construction and material details and possible refinement of the form. At this stage, the organizer provides for the possibility of organizing consultations with the participation of experts and / or members of the Jury. The meeting will be held with full preservation of anonymity of the competition participants.

The Limanowa Municipality has issued legally binding Conditions of Development (WZ) for the construction of the shelter, so the competition concept must be in accordance with them, and meet all the imposed criteria. The investor's idea is to build an object with parameters far exceeding the required minimum specified in the regulations, concerning mountain shelters, while maintaining compliance with the Conditions of Development.

An important element of the concept should be a preliminary visualization of the lighting of the facility itself, as well as the lighting coming from the facility (mainly the highest viewing floor), which will emphasize its artistic vision, but at the same time will not interfere too much with the natural environment and will not create permanent "light pollution."

Theshelter on top of Hedgehog Water must meet the following conditions:

  • the maximum number of beds, with the dimensions of the building and individual floors imposed by the GM, but on the other hand, the personal comfort of tourists is important, so there must be a centering of these proportions,
  • The project may provide for men's dormitories and women's dormitories or other such solutions, but separate rooms (2- and 3-bed rooms) of the "3 stars +" hotel type must also be designed. Coming up with an innovative system that optimizes living space, but at the same time gives the impression of freedom, will be highly appreciated,
  • the project must provide for a public functional kitchen, communal bathrooms and a form of small spa,
  • the restaurant area including the kitchen should be suitable for banquets for 120 - 150 people,
  • the highest viewing floor, in addition to the obvious viewing function, must also be adapted for cafeteria and restaurant service during banquets (however, assuming that food is transported by elevator (second - cargo) from the kitchen at the main restaurant hall,
  • the top viewing floor should have a universal character, that is, it should also have the function of an exhibition hall, designed for meetings and visual (e.g., with the function of a planetarium) or give the possibility of adapting other functions, such as an amateur astronomical observatory. Competition participants may propose other functions,
  • the usable height of the top floor must be a minimum of 3.5 m clear,
  • the design of additional architectural features of the top floor, such as pivoting, or tilting or sliding roof, glazed floors or terraces, will be an additional advantage in the evaluation, as long as it is economically reasonable.
  • it is necessary to design a functional and fast elevator and convenient stairway or ramp communication, meeting the standard fire conditions for buildings of this height, and the requirements for accessibility for people with disabilities,
  • innovation of concept would be highly desirable here, due to the main goal of creating a timeless structure, but this must be done while optimizing costs.

It should be emphasized that in the first stage of the competition - the most important is the architectural and artistic vision, based on rational and economic considerations.


The total amount allocated for prizes is: from 6 thousand to 10 thousand euros.

The following prizes will be awarded in the Competition:

  • Main Prize - 5 thousand euros,
  • Audience Award - 1 thousand euros.
  • possible honorable mentions - a maximum of 4 honorable mentions, each with a maximum of 1,000 euros (according to the free decision and distribution made by the Jury, which also means that honorable mentions may not be awarded).

Evaluation criteria:

  • consistency of content and form,
  • artistic qualities,
  • timelessness of the architectural idea,
  • functional qualities,
  • adequate to the function and diversity of locations scale of the object and its details,
  • practical feasibility and construction economy.


  • deadline for submission of competition applications and registration - until March 30, 2023,
  • submission of the competition works of the first stage - April 30, 2023,
  • jury meeting - May 9, 2023,
  • Announcement of the list of works qualified for the second stage - May 12, 2023,
  • possible consultations - from May 19 to 23, 2023,
  • deadline for submission of developed works by the Contest Participants - until June 25, 2023,
  • jury deliberations - June 29, 2023,
  • start of voting for the Audience Award - June 30, 2023,
  • end of voting for the Audience Award - July 9 to 2023,
  • Final Gala, announcement of competition results, presentation of awards and opening of exhibition - July 27, 2023.


The jury consists of eleven people:

  • Wojciech Siudmak - senior member of the jury, world-renowned painter and sculptor, one of the most important creators of the European surrealism trend,
  • Grzegorz Biedroń - chairman of the board of the Malopolska Tourist Organization,
  • Wieslaw Cholewa - founder and founder of IDEANOVA, community activist and activist for the development of Polish cities,
  • Damian Jabłeka - deputy director of the Planetarium Silesian Science Park,
  • Justyna Kobylarczyk, Ph.D. - professor at the Cracow University of Technology and deputy dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology,
  • Marek Mszalnik - constructor, civil engineer, as well as designer and construction manager,
  • Justyna Olesiak - architect, doctoral student at the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning,
  • Aleksander Rokosz - architect and designer of the new generation wave, graduate of the Lycée Internationale Charles de Gaulle scholarship in Dijon and graduate of the Architecture department of the Paris Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Val-de Seine,
  • Dr.Marian Soida - professor and director of the Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University,
  • Dr. Michal Uruszczak - architect and lecturer at the University of Agriculture in the Department of Spatial Management and Landscape Architecture in Cracow,
  • Mieczyslaw Uryga - starost of Limanowa County.

The coordinator of the competition is Dominika Blejder (e-mail: The deputy coordinator of the contest is Ewelina Gorycka (e-mail:

more information

For more information, detailed guidelines and regulations, please visit the contest website.