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Two-stage competition for the architectural concept of the building of the Prof. Jan Sehn Institute of Forensic Expertise in Cracow.

organizer: Prof. Jan Sehn Institute of Forensic Expertise in Krakow, SARP branch in Krakow

This is the second approach to the two-stage competition for the architectural concept of the building of the Prof. Jan Sehn Institute of Forensic Expertise in Krakow. This time, the competition is being organized in cooperation with the SARP Krakow branch. The deadline for submitting applications to participate in the competition is March 10 this year.

This is the second approach to the competition for the architectural concept for the building of the Prof. Jan Sehn Institute of Forensic Expertise in Krakow. The rules ofthe earlier competition (announced in February 2022), organized by the Institute of Forensic Expertise, raised considerable objections in the architectural community. Only three projects were submitted to the competition, and due to appeals against the outcome, and the incompatibility of the submitted projects with the local development plan "Wesoła - region of Kopernika Street", the competition was cancelled in October 2022. You can read the full statement on the website of the purchasing platform.

Wiktor Bohenek wrote about the doubts related to the establishment of the MPZP in the article NIEWESOŁO NA WESOŁEJ, or how Krakow (doesn't) deal with spatial planning.

This time the competition is organized in cooperation with the Cracow branch of SARP and has been assigned the number 1037.


The main objective of the competition is to obtain the most advantageous concept for the development of the site and building of the Prof. Dr. Jan Sehn Institute of Forensic Expertise in Cracow in terms of functionality, aesthetics, operation and economy. The concept should fully utilize the possibilities of the plot and relate to the context of the existing urban fabric, and be consistent with the guidelines of the Local Spatial Development Plan (MPZP). The design should make maximum use of the area indicators prescribed in the MPZP in order to achieve the largest possible usable area of the facility.

terms and conditions

The competition is a two-stage, limited and implementation competition, i.e., in which the prizes are cash awards and an invitation to the competition participant of the selected competition work to negotiate a sole-source contract, in order to execute the subject of the contract based on the competition work.

The project is located in the buffer zone for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as in an area listed in the register of monuments - the urban and architectural complex of the Wesoła district, listed in the register of monuments under the number A-650 (decision of February 12, 1984).

The future of Wesoła was the subject of a workshop during the International Architecture Biennale 2021 in Krakow. You can read about the results of the work and discussion in the December issue of A&B[see A&B 12|2021].

It is assumed that the following departments will be moved from their current location to the new building:

  • department for handling opinion activities (ODO),
  • biological department,
  • toxicology department,
  • chemical department,
  • handwriting and document examination laboratory,
  • forensic informatics laboratory.

The building will also contain an administrative section, covering the activities of several organizational units (administrative, economic, financial and accounting, IT support, quality).

The competition concept should be the sum of spatial, functional and installation solutions that guarantee: rational investment costs, energy efficiency, optimal functional layout, attractive and durable aesthetic qualities and the most rational management of green areas. At the same time, it is advisable that the newly constructed object creates an architectural accent, raising the rank of the place where it will be located.

One of the tasks of the competition is the rational optimization of the space and program in terms of the investment budget, as well as the appropriate selection of areas for individual spaces in the above context. In this regard, the tasks of the competition participants will include the ergonomic arrangement of the program and functions in the facility, while ensuring correct and preferred by the organizer relations between program elements.

An important element of the site development project is greenery, due to its compositional qualities, close proximity to the Botanical Garden and proximity to the "Square on Wesola", which, according to the study and the guidelines of the MPZP, is to become a local center.
When designing the building, it is necessary to adopt the parameters of the minimum building partitions and maximum primary energy coefficient indexes of the building (EP), which are currently in force.

The functional layout should take into account the considerations related to the nature of the work, the specifics and the purpose of each laboratory in the facility. Due to the nature of the facility, the structural layout is crucial for the free arrangement of laboratory spaces in order to ensure adequate width of circulation paths in accordance with technical requirements (WT), occupational health and safety (OHS) and standards for testing laboratories, including requirements arising from accreditation under PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and good laboratory practice. When assuming the structural layout, the underground floor of the facility must be taken into account, where an underground garage, among other things, must be provided.

An important condition of the competition is that in the team at the stage of developing the competition concept and design documentation, there will be at least one person who has a construction license to design in the architectural specialty without limitations, and who has experience, consisting in the execution, in the lastwithin the last 10 years before the deadline for submission of applications for admission to the competition, (as author or co-author), at least one multi-discipline design documentation in the architectural specialty, on the basis of which a valid building permit was obtained, for the construction of a building housing biochemical research laboratories.

The estimated planned total cost of the project, including land development, is: PLN 110 million gross.

The maximum planned total gross cost of performing the subject of the service on the basis of the selected competition work, will not exceed the amount representing a maximum of 5.25% of the total gross cost of implementing the investment - PLN 5,775,000.

Only a study that:

  • is original (not infringing on the property rights of third parties),
  • does not contain a previously published concept,
  • does not violate the principle of anonymity,
  • is consistent with the subject of the competition mentioned in Chapter II,
  • does not contain variant solutions,
  • is sufficiently clear and complete to carry out its evaluation.

Communication is carried out through the competition platform


    • deadline for submission of applications for admission to the competition: until March 10, 2023 at 12:00 pm,
    • admission to the competition: until March 17, 2023,
    • requests for clarification of the content of the regulations: until April 21, 2023,
    • submission of studies: May 5, 2023, by 3 p.m,
    • qualification for the second stage: until May 19, 2023,
    • requests for clarification of the content of the regulations: until June 23, 2023,
    • deadline for submission of study papers: until July 14, 2023, 3 p.m,
    • announcement of competition results: August 3, 2023.


    Competition works will be judged according to the following equivalent criteria in their category:

    • attractiveness of the proposed architectural and development solutions,
    • functional and utility efficiency of the spaces and rooms of the new building,
    • functional correctness and applied technologies of laboratories and specialized studios,
    • application of environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions in the new building and land development,
    • feasibility and economic optimization of the adopted solutions in terms of the investment budget,
    • the degree to which the proposed solutions take into account the cost of use and maintenance.

    Participants whose competition works advance to the second stage and who submit a complete project will receive 15 thousand zlotys gross.

    The organizer expects to award the following prizes in the competition:

    • 1st Prize - PLN 30 thousand gross and an invitation to negotiate on a sole-source basis.
    • II Prize - 20 thousand PLN gross,
    • Third Prize - 10 thousand PLN gross.

    the competition court

    The Competition Jury is composed of nine persons:

    • Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, Ph.D., prof. PK - chairman of the Competition Jury, SARP Kraków Branch,
    • Dr. Piotr Wróbel - referee, SARP Krakow Branch,
    • Roman Dziedziejko - SARP Warsaw Branch,
    • Witold Zieliński - Competition judge on behalf of MPOIA RP,
    • mec. Jerzy Bacz - legal counsel,
    • Dr. Tomasz Kupiec - head of the Forensic Genetics Laboratory,
    • Edyta Rzeszuto - head of the Organization and Management Department,
    • Dr.Karolina Sekuła - head of the Alcohol and Drug Testing Laboratory,
    • Prof. Grzegorz Zadora - head of the Laboratory for the Examination of Micro Traces.

    The function of referee is performed by Dr. Wojciech Lachowicz, head of the Toxicological Analysis Laboratory. The function of assistant referee is performed by Marek Bystroń from SARP branch in Cracow.

    The function of secretaries of the competition is performed by Benita Strzałka-Paleczny and Maria Gratkowska of SARP Branch Krakow.

    more information

    More details, downloadable materials, all appendices to the regulations and competition guidelines are available on the SARP Branch Krakow website.