Kaira Looro 2023 competition results

results of the competition

July 2023


Balouo Salo



On July 10, the results of this year's Kaira Looro international architectural competition were announced. The challenge the young architects faced was to design a model school building in Africa. The one-story building had to be designed to be built in cooperation with the local community and using natural materials.
The submitted competition entries were evaluated by a jury consisting of:
  • Kengo Kuma (Kengo Kuma & Associates)
  • Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT Architects)
  • Agostino Ghirardelli (SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli)
  • Manuel Aires Mateus (Aires Mateus)
  • Raul Pantaleo (TAM Associati)
  • Mphethe Morojele (Mpheti Morojele Architects)
  • Emmanuelle Moureaux (Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design)
  • Saad El Kabbaj
  • Driss Kettani
  • Mohamed Amine Siana
Three awards were given: 1st place went to Artha Krisiantara from India, 2nd place to the duo Rotem Fintz and Niv Arbiv from Israel, and 3rd place to Yousef Hamza and Anthony Mancuso from Tunisia.
Kengo Kuma and the organizer of the competition, Balouo Salo, also awarded two honorable mentions - these were won by a team consisting of Michal Pietrusiewicz, Justyna Błasiak and Krzysztof Afeltowicz from Poland and Tristan Narcy from France.
Five special honorable mentions were also awarded - they were won by: Francesco Ricchiuti and Valentina Margiotta from Italy, Zhiqian Xu and Yongdi Li from the United States, and three teams from Vietnam: Thao Pham Hoai Cam, My Vo Thi Huyen, Minh Cai Gia and Tuan Ho Nhu; Nhung Pham and Ho Duy Pham; Bao Truong Dinh Khanh and Nguyen Ngoc Minh.
Polish architects were also among the finalists - the design of the teams consisting of: Adrianna Koch, Julia Ratajczyk and Patryk Jankowski; Krzysztof Stalmasinski and Robert Machura; Aleksandra Stasica, Fabio Mombelli, Constance Giovanetti and Elena Kontogiannidou, while the Top 50 list included the team consisting of: Adrianna Bielecka, Daniel Mączak, Krzysztof Reczulski and Dominika Włostowska's project.
Full results of the competition are available here.

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