Award in the "School" category and the Audience Award. — Matilda Wolska

Award in the "School" category and the Audience Award.

Award in the category
Mies of the Public

Shared School

Matilda Wolska

author's description

The project is meant to be a question of what a school should look like nowadays. The main idea is to create an institution for learning rather than being taught. The school becomes a field that stimulates curiosity about the world and adapts to different educational methods.
The school's design is based on the 9 points of healthy architecture according to Harvard, creating a healthy environment for development. According to a study by the University of Salford and Harvard, creating a positive and productive environment affects academic progress by 16%.
In addition to for students, the school building is also to be accessible to Targowek residents.

The premise was to create a communalized architecture that functions as an open, adaptable space that stimulates development. "It is meant to be a place where one goes willingly and which gradually transforms into a great leisure machine."

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