Distinction (ex aequo), Architecture category — Aleksandra Mucha, Agata Marciniak

Distinction (ex aequo), Architecture category

Honorable mention (ex aequo)
category Architecture

Aleksandra Mucha, Agata Marciniak
Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznan

Hugon Kowalski

"Tourist hostel on the mountain Jeżowa Woda".

Jury opinion

The honorable mention was awarded for an interesting solution of the body in the form of a soaring openwork tower
with a viewing function at the top, and the location of the object "on the trail" with the first floor space open to the public. The object was located with respect for the context, by referring to the former boundary of the surrounding forest and framing the view of the Beskid Wyspowy landscape from the pedestrian level.

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