First degree honorable mention (ex aequo) — Weronika Kropidłowska

First degree honorable mention (ex aequo)

First degree distinction (ex aequo)
PLN 2,500

Weronika Kropidłowska

"Temporary Architecture — Permanent Architecture. Center for refugees in Yemen. Massif of the Haraz Mountains, Yemen"

Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology.

Prof. Jakub Szczepański

Jury opinion

The work is an attempt to answer the issue of safe asylum for refugees fleeing from conflict areas such as Yemen. The honorable mention was awarded for a mature, analysis-based development of the settlement as a place of refuge. With its form, the project refers to local tradition and culture. It was a conscious decision of the author to create a temporary refugee camp as a permanent fortress, and at the same time a universal architecture with the possibility of future adaptation. The extremely sensitive work creates an architecturally coherent space, adapted to the needs of refugees.

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