Grand Prize — Agnieszka Kepa

Grand Prize

Main Prize
500 EUR

Agnieszka Kępa

"Archive of utopia of rationalism in architecture. Adaptation of Stalownik hospital in Mikuszowice Krakowskie".

Faculty of Architecture at Tadeusz Kosciuszko Cracow University of Technology

dr hab. Marcin Charciarek, prof. PK

Jury's opinion

The winning project "Archive of the utopia of rationalism in architecture. Adaptation of the Stalownik hospital in Mikuszowice Krakowskie" questions the monumentality of contemporary ruins. Adding seemingly simple modules, the abandoned hospital is opened as an exhibition space and supplemented with an archive building. Symbolically, the archive supports the roof of the hospital, with statically necessary pillars breaking through the ceilings of the original building to create new spatial situations.
The treatment of the existing building, whose structure is preserved, is at once delicate and radical. The ambivalent, precarious monumentality of the original state is strengthened and made real through adaptation.

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