First Prize — JAZ+Architekci Zmijewski Jaworski

First Prize

I Prize
PLN 30,000
and an invitation to negotiate a sole-source contract for the execution, on the basis of the competition work, of comprehensive design documentation for the task called "Revitalization of the Square of Kołobrzeg Pioneers" in Kołobrzeg

JAZ+Architekci Zmijewski Jaworski

author team
Andrzej Jaworski, Julian Żmijewski, Anna Kotowska, Zuzanna Trzcińska, Klaudia Wujkowska, Joanna Lipnicka, Ewa Kuhnert, Martyna Kędrzyńska, Aleksandra Wiktorka-Rakoczy, Maja Skibińska

Jury opinion
The award was given for the concept of open forming of Skweru Pionierów Kolobrzegu, introducing elegant, simple forms of development, well corresponding with the richness of park greenery. At the same time, the solution allows flexible, phased and "minimally invasive" implementation. The elimination of parking spaces on Sybiraków Street and the organization of an Antiques Exchange along it is a favorable solution from the point of view of integrating Kolobrzeg's Pioneers Square with the 18th of March Park, but it may prove to be a difficult proposal to implement. The possible relocation of the Antiques Exchange to another location does not represent a degradation of the value of the work.

post-competition recommendations

The Competition Jury draws the designers' attention to the following issues that require consideration:

  • the designers rightly assumed in the competition work to intervene in the organization of Lopuski Street;
  • restriction of traffic, a new pedestrian crossing by the school, it seems reasonable to make more daring decisions and transform Łopuskiego Street into a so-called Woonerf and consequently open the designed pavilions both to the park and to the newly designed pedestrian and roadway;
  • the location of the Antiques Exchange needs to be rethought - the temporary closure of Sybiraków Street or the parking spaces located along it may not be necessary, and moving people - customers of the Antiques Exchange outside the park's perimeter may work against the intended purpose of the park reconstruction - that is, a place of gathering of people for various activities, including customers of the Antiques Exchange;
  • the pavilions of the Antiques Exchange should be designed in a way that allows the individual stalls to be closed at night with their goods.

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