First Prize — Koza Nostra Studio

First Prize

First Prize
PLN 20,000
and an invitation to negotiate
regarding the conclusion of a contract for the design of the entire permanent exhibition at the Plaszow Concentration Camp Museum

Koza Nostra Studio

jury's opinion
In theopinion of the competition committee, the authors of the winning work proposed a spatially attractive arrangement that properly takes advantage of the peculiarities of both the Museum's new building, the so-called Memorial, and the historic Grey House.
The means of expression used are apt and appropriate to the theme of the exhibition. The use of limestone for the arrangement of both parts of the exhibition creates a narrative strongly connected with the history of KL Plaszow. It also provides a link to the facade of the Memorial building, composed of limestone. The last section of the exhibition at the Memorial, open to the site of the former camp, seamlessly introduces visitors to the memorial, thus linking the exhibition to the area of the former camp. Thanks to the arrangement procedures used, all three components of the memorial - the two parts of the permanent exhibition together with the former camp area - have been skillfully and economically combined.

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