Wyróżnienie pierwszego stopnia (ex aequo) — Katarzyna Krawczyk

First degree honorable mention (ex aequo)

First degree distinction (ex aequo)
500 PLN

Katarzyna Krawczyk

"Architecture of Care Regeneration of a dysfunctional housing estate on Opolska Street in Poznan".

Faculty of Architecture at the Magadalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznan.

dr. hab. Eugeniusz Skrzypczak

Jury's opinion

This project is an excellent attempt to transform historical social architecture. Regeneration consisting in ordering the function and introducing its correction resulting from current program conditions. Transformation of apartments supplemented with common spaces allows integration of the local community. The urban correction of the original premise resulting from the expansion of common spaces and giving them an up-to-date architectural expression is subtle, improving the layout giving it a spatially finished image. The project shows us a successful alternative to the implementation of projects in such an important segment of social housing - architecture of care.

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