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Dominika Strzałka-Rogal - Venetian townhouse

04 of February '20

"Elements of Venice" is a design for the Scuola Piccola townhouse developed by Dominika Strzałka-Rogalduring a scholarship exchange at Delft University of Technology.

Venice was born out of a love of art and architecture, which the city's residents have mastered like no other in the lavish facades of the Canale Grande, treating them like a theatrical curtain. This is also the case with the design of the townhouse by Dominika Strzałka-Rogal, whose sculptural body is full of references to its surroundings.

The Scuola Piccola building refers in its proportions to the townhouses of Canale Grande

© Dominika Strzałka-Rogal

The narrow Scuola Piccola building refers in proportions to the tenements of Canale Grande. Located between Campo San Samuele and the water, the building engages in a dialogue with history. The design preserves classic urban and architectural thought, with the added bonus of incorporating some of the building's functions into the adjacent Chiesa di San Samuele church.

The lavish facades of the Venetian townhouses create a theatrical curtain

© Dominika Strzałka-Rogal

The lower part of the building is made of prefabricated concrete shapes, protecting the building from rising water levels, and the first floor incorporates an arch-shaped water stop. Subsequent floors are made of wooden construction, typical of local construction. The amphitheatrically shaped interiors of the townhouse remain in relation to both the land and the canal. Huge, soaring windows open up a view of the water, while smaller windows located on the other side overlook the square. The project was created during a scholarship exchange at TU Delft in the Netherlands, preceded by a week-long study trip to Venice.

See also the project "Miedzianka - a history of disappearance", for which Dominika Strzałka-Rogalreceived the BDA-SARP2019 award.

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illustrations courtesy of Dominika Strzałka-Rogal

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