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Dorota Kaleta - "Co-living - common spaces. Adaptation of a fragment of a complex of residential and commercial buildings in Cieszyn".

22 of February '23
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2022
Name: "Co-living - common spaces. Adaptation of a fragment of a complex of residential and commercial buildings in Cieszyn".
Author: Dorota Kaleta
University: Faculty of Interior Design at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

Dr. Małgorzata Zbroińska-Piątek

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2021/2023".

The project is an alternative to living in a typical Polish apartment building. It was developed according to the idea of co-living, which involves sharing space with neighbors. Residents of such a facility share many of the costs, and can afford many amenities that are lacking in Polish apartments. At the same time, this type of solution generates a very big challenge for the co-living community—it is communication. While sharing the basic functions of the apartment, we are constantly in close contact with the rest of the community. This is not easy, although in recent times we have all learned how necessary our relationships with others are.

Wielofunkcyjne kubiki znajdujące się na parterze zapewniają różne możliwości spędzania wolnego

Multifunctional cubicles located on the first floor provide a variety of leisure activities

© Dorota Kaleta

The presented interior design is a space precisely for human relations. The building used here is a building located in the center of Cieszyn, unused for several years, in good technical condition, with an area of several thousand square meters. Despite its many advantages and the constant construction of new buildings nearby, it has so far received no attention and forms one of the city's many „black holes,” which is difficult to understand in the current ecological situation.

Rzut parteru

first floor plan

© Dorota Kaleta

My work concerns the design of common spaces—private spaces are separated from the building and are outside the scope of the study. The main functions of the common area, located in the center of the building, are intertwined spaces for preparing and eating meals, as well as for relaxation.

Projektowana przestrzeń składa się z dwóch poziomów

The designed space consists of two levels

© Dorota Kaleta

The staircase, located in the central part, separates the cooking area, thus creating the right conditions for lighting and ventilation of the worktops; in addition to the obvious function of communication, it also serves for rest and relaxation.

Część kuchenna

kitchen area

© Dorota Kaleta

The multifunctional cubbies located on the first floor provide various opportunities for leisure, either alone or in company. All forms used are modular, so as to meet the expectations of users. The spaces most frequently used are located near the building's glazed facade, which has been enriched with glazing in the ceiling, so that residents will be able to enjoy as much daylight as possible.

Przestrzeń rozdzielają kubiki

The space is divided by cubbies

© Dorota Kaleta

Themezzanine is an urban interpretation of a balcony, and is also a quiet place to work or study. In the southern part of the building, the windows can be opened completely.

Widok na schody i podział przestrzeni

A view of the staircase and the division of space

© Dorota Kaleta

The building has been laid out with rooms that block residents miss the most: a bicycle room, pantry, storage room, laundry room, garden or studio. They are located in the eastern part of the building.

Budynek w Cieszynie został przekształcony na przestrzenie co-livnigowe

A building in Cieszyn has been converted into co-living spaces

© Dorota Kaleta

The created space is layered, with individual functions overlapping one another. The proposed materials have been reduced to a minimum, and have been chosen for increased use. Glass is a silent guide to the interior. Interspersed through the entire object with wood and concrete, it provides an opportunity to look at the space around.

Szkło jest cichym przewodnikiem po wnętrzu. Przeplatane przez całość obiektu z drewnem oraz betonem, daje możliwość patrzenia na przestrzeń wokół.

Interspersed throughout the object with wood and concrete, glass provides the opportunity to look at the space around

© Dorota Kaleta

The interior has been designed to provide privacy, multifunctionality and convenience for the residents in the simplest way possible, and communication is the key to all these advantages.

Strefa relaksu i ogród

relaxation zone and garden

© Dorota Kaleta


Illustrations: © Author

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