Downlight luminaires

01 of May '22

Downlight luminaires

Stax luminaires are an innovative range of professional recessed luminaires. It was created to combine high lighting control performance with excellent visual comfort. Illumination factor of UGR<11, for selected options, which provides comfortable and efficient lighting solutions. The Stax luminaire family is a series of luminaires of different sizes and wattages while maintaining a uniform design, which provides versatility in many applications including traffic routes, office and retail facilities, conference rooms, hotels.

Lux is an effective, versatile downlight. They harmoniously and aesthetically fill the clear space on the ceiling. Specially designed optics provide even light distribution without spot effect. Equipping the luminaire with functional shades increases its luminous parameters. The luminaires provide luminance control at the level of UGR<13 for selected options which provides comfortable lighting solutions. Thanks to the aforementioned factors, the areas of application of the luminaires have been increased from commercial and service buildings, traffic routes, boarding houses and hotels as well as residential apartments.

Comet is a series of downlight luminaires, additionally equipped with a wallwasher type reflector. The use of this type of optical system makes it possible to precisely direct the light beam and illuminate the illuminated space, such as a wall. There is a choice of beam angle 36/60 degrees.

Spin is a series of surface-mounted luminaires with a simple appearance, thanks to which they become an aesthetic architectural element of the designed space. They are ideal for mounting on ceilings where recessed luminaires are not possible. The fixtures are available in three diameters (120mm, 160mm, 230mm), using high-quality LEDs and an efficient aluminum reflector. In addition, the fixtures can be suspended by adding pendants. Spin is the perfect solution for lighting stores, traffic routes, office buildings and residential buildings.

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