ZAHO Lighting ceiling light fixtures

01 of May '22

ZAHO Lighting ceiling light fixtures

The design of the Brooklyn l uminaire was based on the combination of two elements: minimalism in form while maintaining maximum efficiency. Appropriately designed optics in the Brooklyn luminaire focus on providing the highest possible comfort in a given room. Brooklyn has a simple shape and yet high luminous efficiency. It was designed with private interiors in mind, but will also work well in other spaces.

The modern, geometric Atro luminaire, with its uncomplicated design, is a combination of effect and simplicity. The light coming out of the luminaire is diffused perfectly over the entire surface of the diffuser. It is an ideal solution in spaces where we need general lighting. The luminaire is available in two dimensions.

Neat l uminaire in ceiling version will be a suitable choice for offices, hotels, restaurants or residential interiors. The minimalist design will work wherever modern design plays an important role. Equipped with anti-glare optics that provide a glare rating of UGR<19, it is ideal for rooms where lighting is used for long hours.

The Caps lamp impresses with its precision workmanship. Its shape will dazzlingly complement modern interiors. It is available in three sizes and four color variants. It looks amazing alone, as well as in combination with other lamps from the Caps family.

Straw 2C is characterized by a simple yet functional design. The luminaire fits in with contemporary lighting trends. It is possible to use several color variations, which will allow even more interesting arrangement of the designed interior.

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