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07 of August '22

How to atmospherically illuminate the space around the house?

The space around the house is the showcase of the entire property. A well-kept garden is a place of respite on hot days, a meeting zone with loved ones, and for some also a way to pursue botanical passions. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the right lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. What kind of lighting should you choose to make it work both on a hot evening and in the winter? Get to know the new collection of AQForm luminaires for outdoor use, with which you can decorate the facade in an interesting way, accent plants with light and illuminate the way to the house!

Oprawy oświetleniowe zewnętrzne LEDPOINT

LEDPOINT outdoor lighting fixtures

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LEDPOINT - a stylish wall lamp that brings facades to life after dark

The facade is often the hallmark of a building, and an original facade requires a suitable luminaire. A discreet LEDPOINT wall lamp, which paints fine patterns with light, will perfectly cope with this task. After dark, it is the way the facade is illuminated that determines how we will see the body of the building. The expressive light of wall sconces emphasizes the three-dimensionality of the building. LEDPOINT's high color rendering index (CRI>90) guarantees that even after sunset the colors used on the facade will remain visible. This is extremely important when you want to emphasize the original shade of the facade. Excellent parameters and IP65 make the luminaire successfully cope with harsh conditions such as rain or snow. LEDPOINT is a proposal that will not only add brightness from the outside, but also ensure safety during evening walks home.

Oprawy oświetleniowe zewnętrzne VIP

VIP outdoor lighting fixtures

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VIP - a unique chiaroscuro effect on the facade

The VIP family is another proposal for wall sconces that accent the facade in an interesting way. Two ways of shining: up and down or only in one direction means a lot of freedom in light arrangement. The minimalist form of the luminaire, in the shape of a cylinder or cube, is a discreet decoration, and thanks to the well-thought-out design, the installation of VIP luminaires is extremely simple. Robust and sealed luminaire protects against adverse weather conditions, so we can enjoy exceptional light on the facade every day.

Oprawy oświetleniowe zewnętrzne DART Oprawy oświetleniowe zewnętrzne DART

DART outdoor light fixtures

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DART - spotlights with which you accent the beauty of plants

Accenting backyard shrubs or flower beds with light is great for evening scenery. Thanks to this, we can enjoy the garden also after dark, and the illuminated space becomes more friendly. DART luminaires with a movable module can be directed in the desired direction, so they are perfect for such a role. With several mounting options, the collection can serve many functions - from accenting greenery as a stylish spotlight driven into the ground, to illuminating the facade in surface-mounted form. The DART luminaire is resistant to adverse weather conditions. Another advantage is that it does not require a low-voltage installation, which makes it far easier to install even in the farthest corners of a spacious garden away from a voltage source. DART light allows you to subtly accent your favorite shrubs or ornamental plants, and the power of the light source is selected so as not to create a light pollution effect.

Oprawy oświetleniowe SLUP

SLUP light fixtures

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SLUP - light marking a safe way home

To ensure safety after dark, it is worth taking care of proper lighting of garden circulation spaces. This task will be handled perfectly by the SLUP collection, which will effectively illuminate the path or driveway. In addition to being resistant to rain and snow, the luminaire is not afraid of being hit by a ball when the children's play gets out of hand. SLUP collection is a stylish and resistant signpost, which will safely mark the path from the gate to the very front door with light.

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