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Communal apartments in a beautifully renovated building. This is how Biskupia Górka in Gdańsk is changing

01 of February '24

In the space of the charming Biskupia Gorka in Gdansk, the first effects of a major revitalization program are already visible. The renovation of a late-19th-century tenement house at 17 Biskupia St. has just been completed, a thorough rebuilding of streets and another eleven buildings is underway. It' s so nice to look at how a previously neglected district is becoming more beautiful.

Biskupia Górka is one of the oldest districts in Gdansk. Although most of the residential buildings date back to the 19th century, and the corner of the city itself is full of charm, the old tenement houses could not wait for renovation for years. Changes in this adjacent part of the city center are only possible thanks to a major revitalization project.

Thirteen tenements, meticulously restored details

A total of thirteen tenements in Biskupia Górka will gain new life. All of them are in the resources of the municipal company Gdańskie Nieruchomości. The municipal buildings are undergoing renovations on the basis of individual conservation work programs for each of them.

The first effects can be seen in the city space. The first to gain a new look was the renovated small tenement house at 7 Salwator Street, which housed two apartments. Now it has been joined by a building at 17 Biskupia Street with five public housing units.

W ramach rewitalizacji Biskupiej Górki jako pierwszą wyremontowano kamienicę przy ul. Salwator 7

As part of the revitalization of Biskupia Gorka, the first to be renovated was the tenement house at 7 Salwator Street.

Photo: Dominik Paszlinski/Gdań

The revitalization of buildings in Biskupia Górka requires incredible precision due to the historic nature of the buildings. The tenement at 17 Biskupia St. dates back to the late 19th century. Based on the conservation work program, we have restored and reconstructed many architectural details. These include: elements of the staircase, some of the doors, or decorative elements, such as terrazzo on the staircase ," says Ziemowit Borowczak, director of Gdanskie Nieruchomości.

In all renovated buildings, window frames will be replaced, taking into account the original divisions. Importantly, tenants of communal apartments will gain toilets - until now they had a common one in the stairwell.

The work also includes the common parts of the buildings - stairwells, necessary installations, basements and attics, as well as individual apartments , says Ziemowit Borowczak.

new life of old neighborhoods

But the communities that are carrying out their own renovations also have their share in beautifying the district.

To druga spośród trzynastu remontowanych kamienic

This is the second of thirteen tenements being renovated

foyt: Piotr Wittman/ Gdań

As many as 35 housing communities, including those on Biskupia and Na Stoku Streets, are renovating the common parts of their buildings: facades, staircases and roofs, as well as carrying out vertical and horizontal insulation. Thanks to the Municipal Revitalization Program, they receive funding ," says Piotr Grzelak, deputy mayor for sustainable development and investment.

Salwator, Biskupia, Zaroślak and Na Stoku streets are also undergoing a metamorphosis. In addition to the reconstruction of underground networks, plans include paved surfaces, greenery plantings and stylized lighting and benches.

elaborated: Ewa Karendys

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