Københagen Outstanding Urban Furniture. Indre Collection By

16 of January '22

Københagen Outstanding Urban Furniture. Collection Indre By

Indre By is a line of modern urban furniture by Københagen Outstanding.
Among Lars Laj's 15 collections, Indre By products are distinguished by their simple form and minimalist design.

small architecture - elements of the collection

The core of the Indre By product line are modern urban benches, including:

  • bencheswith a backrest - available with or without an armrest,
  • bencheswithout a backrest.

The benches are available in two seat sizes: with a length of 150 cm (three-seat benches) and 180 cm (four-seat benches). The benches can be matched with a suitable outdoor table for 6 or 8 people. Outdoor chairs and backless stools are also an interesting addition to the recreation area. This is an unusual but comfortable solution. With restaurant gardens and dining areas in mind, bar sets have also been designed. Each set includes 4 high bar stools and a table.

The collection also consists of other objects of small architecture, necessary in the arrangement of public spaces, such as:

  • steel double-stand bicycle racks,
  • plantpots,
  • urban trash garbage cans with a roof.

modernity and simplicity of form

Indre By's small architecture is a timeless combination of steel and wood. The form of the furniture is simple and modernistic. As a result, the products fit perfectly into a modern urban space.

The solid structure of the furniture is made of powder-coated steel. The collection is presented in a neutral, yet distinctive gray color. Steel elements can be covered with any color from our palette of 140 colors.

Only the bicycle racks are entirely steel. Other products have wooden elements. The seats and backs of the benches and chairs are made of larch planks. The walls of flower pots and trash cans are also clad with wooden planks. Out of concern for the environment, the wood we use in production is 100% from sustainable sources.

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