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Green river. MTP finally open to the city!

12 of April '24
w skrócie
  1. "The green river" of MTP is a key element of recent transformations at the Poznań Fair.
  2. The transformation of the space of the southern part of the MTP grounds and the opening of the "green river," have made the area publicly accessible to Poznan residents.
  3. The new walkway through MTP offers a pleasant environment, with numerous trees, green islands and seating.
  4. Despite the successful changes, there are some shortcomings, such as the white steel fence separating the enclosed part of the MTP.
  5. Hall 2, the dilapidated administration building and the former Fair Palace, among others, are still awaiting revaluation.
  6. Despite some shortcomings and delays, the "green river" is popular, attracting residents.

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Finally! It is possible to pass through Poznań Fair by transit - and in a pleasant environment. The so-called Green River, a tree-lined comfortable passage between the railway station and Wilson Park, is ready. Half of the fairgrounds is no longer an excluded territory from the city and serves all residents. Now it's time for the buildings!

This is a key element of the recent transformations at the Poznań Fair. The greening and opening of a walkway called the "green river" crowns the transformation of the space of the southern part of the MTP (Poznań International Fair) grounds. A coherent whole is now formed by a terraced green square from a decade ago (designed by Studio ADS), the square of the General National Exhibition (PeWuKi) completed more than a year ago, over a new three-level parking lot (designed by Śniadek+Śniadek Architects) and, just now, the "green river". We last announced its creation in January last year. It was supposed to be ready in the summer, but it has only been completed now (in previous years there was talk of even earlier delivery dates).

plac PeWuKI, widok od południa

PeWuKI Square, view from the south - from the left: the former Trade Fair Palace, the MTP spire, the MTP east entrance, the mirrored cubicle of the exit to the underground parking lot, Hall 2

Photo: Jakub Głaz

The finale of the work has brought two significant benefits. First, the transformed part of the MTP finally ceased to look like a cross between a large parking lot and a loading plaza. Second, the area of the Fair, which was previously separated from the city, has finally become publicly accessible. You can walk or bike from Wilson Park and Sniadeckich Street toward Glogowska Street and the train station.

„Zielona rzeka” — nowy ogólnodostępny pasaż na poznańskich Targach

"Green River" - A new publicly accessible walkway at the Poznań Fair - general view from the square in front of the PCC towards the city, in the background, from the left: the fair spire, a high-rise residential building on Składowa Street next to the station

photo: Jakub Głaz

half in half

Poznan "absorbed" almost half of the fair space in this way. This is because the MTP grounds have been divided into two parts. The first, just transformed, with a congress center (Poznań Congress Centre) and the Earth Hall housed in it, is now intended for congresses, concerts and large events (such as Christmas markets). The other retains its traditional fair character and is not available for day-to-day use. Its space, paved with concrete cubes and asphalt, still has a purely utilitarian character, without much concern for aesthetics and greenery - the kind seen in the "green river" and adjacent areas.

„Zielona rzeka” — nowy ogólnodostępny pasaż na poznańskich Targach

"Green River" - The new public walkway at the Poznań Fair - view from the "green river" to the terraced square and Hall No. 2

photo: Jakub Głaz

So how does the new walkway through the Fair look? In short: favorably. Dozens of new trees of various species have been planted along the route descending towards the city, and there is also carefully composed low greenery - both along the road and within the green "islands" surrounded by friendly wooden seats. The main pedestrian route has been given a tasteful stone surface, with an asphalt road for cyclists running alongside it. Adjacent squares and paths have instead, crucially, a permeable surface of fine compacted gravel. The new walkway also blends neatly with the green terraced square of a decade ago.

„Zielona rzeka” — nowy ogólnodostępny pasaż na poznańskich Targach

"Green River" - New publicly accessible walkway at Poznań Fair - square by the PCC congress center, permeable surface of alleys, in the background the Bałtyk office building at the Kaponiera traffic circle

photo: Jakub Głaz

plant into a fence

In front of the entrance to the congress center, the "river" is transformed into a spacious and friendly "bay". The second such expansive space was created on the side of Sniadeckich Street and Wilson Park, overlooking the Poznan Palm House located there. The size of the existing entrance to the Fair was reduced here, while shortening the entrance gate in the form of a high shed, without spoiling its successful timeless form. The resulting space was greened and equipped with small architecture.

„Zielona rzeka” — nowy ogólnodostępny pasaż na poznańskich Targach

"Green River" - The new public walkway at the Poznań Fair - view of the square from under the PCC towards Śniadeckich Street and the palm house in Wilson Park (straight ahead), on the right - the reduced entrance shelter to the MTP grounds

Photo: Jakub Głaz

It would now be a good idea to give a similar expression to the short Park Street, which is an extension of the "green river" leading to the park . This urban area should be redesigned together with the surroundings of the former Foreign Polonia Pavilion standing next to it (now owned by the Medical University). Especially since the pavilion itself is to undergo necessary revaluation and adaptation for museum purposes.

ul. Parkowa stanowiąca łącznik „zielonej rzeki” z parkiem Wilsona (palmiarnia — po lewej)

Parkowa Street, which is the link between the "green river" and Wilson Park (palm house - left) - the space needs to be revalued along with the adjacent area and the Medical University building (right), i.e. the former Pavilion of Foreign Polonia (designed by Roger Slawski, 1928)

photo: Jakub Głaz

Thus: "the river" has succeeded, especially since it has been done decently (the Pewuka Square, which we have already described, had to be thoroughly improved). The clash, however, is the adjacent white steel fence separating it from the closed part of the MTP. Its color, as well as the contrived forms of the gates (the same and equally unsuccessful as at the entrance to the square from the train station) are conspicuous, instead of providing a discreet background. The only hope is in the plants, which will perhaps overgrow this rather gaudy barrier (the gates will be frightening anyway).

„zielona rzeka” — nowy ogólnodostępny pasaż na poznańskich Targach

"green river" - The new public walkway at Poznań Fair - view toward the center, opposite the high-rise residential building on Składowa Street next to the train station, on the left the unfortunate white fence

photo: Jakub Głaz

Design interventions are also still needed for the second entrance from Glogowska Street, between pavilions 1 and 2, next to the former McDonald's bar (now a photo gallery). Also of concern are the ticket gates inserted this week at both entrances, although , as we unofficially learned , this is a temporary solution for the upcoming sporting event (the 16th PKO Half Marathon).

„Zielona rzeka” — nowy ogólnodostępny pasaż na poznańskich Targach

"Green River" - The new public walkway at the Poznań Fair - the second entrance to the public area of MTP still needs to be modernized, on the right: the photo gallery pavilion (former McDonald's bar from 1994, designed by Michal Ankiersztajn/ASW Architects)

Photo: Jakub Głaz

Let's hope the gates disappear, as they may effectively deter or discourage people from crossing the square and the "green river." And, so far, Poznań residents are voting for this space with their feet. Not only during popular events (such as the recent Book Fair in the neighboring pavilions known as the "four-pack"), but - simply - on a daily basis.

„zielona rzeka” — nowy ogólnodostępny pasaż na poznańskich Targach

"green river" - The new public walkway at the Poznań Fair - the "bottleneck" of the passage from Wilson Park towards the fairgrounds at the PCC, the gates are most likely temporary

photo: Jakub Głaz

poznańskie Koszyki

Is this the end of the changes to the MTP space open to the city? By no means. Now it's time to transform the adjacent buildings and grounds. The transformation of Hall No. 2 between PeWuKi Square and Glogowska Street has long been awaiting implementation. A space for gastronomy, coworking and recreation is to be created here, recently compared to Warsaw's Koszyki Hall (the number of planned food outlets has been increased). The hall - accessible from the street and the square - was supposed to be ready in 2021, but it too has succumbed to the unhurried pace of the fair's transformation. According to the latest announcements, it is expected to open in the third quarter of this year.

hala MTP nr 2 przy ul. Głogowskiej, widok spod zachodniego wejścia na dworzec, po prawej — fragment wejścia na teren MTP

MTP Hall No. 2 on Glogowska Street, view from under the western entrance to the station, on the right - a fragment of the entrance to the MTP grounds

Photo: Jakub Głaz

A neighboring, dilapidated administrative building (designed by Stefan Cybichowski, 1925) - also between the square and Glogowska Street - is also awaiting a thorough revaluation. In July we wrote about the fact that it will house a music school, which had to vacate its current location.

widok z placu PeWuKi na wejście z ul. Głogowskiej, w tle — pawilon Dworca Zachodniego, po prawej — gmach administracyjny, po lewej — hala nr 2

The view from the PeWuKa square to the entrance from Glogowska Street, in the background - the Western Railway Station pavilion, on the right - the administrative building, on the left - Hall No. 2

photo: Jakub Głaz

The building is to be adapted to its needs and regain its pre-war neo-Baroque form with a steep roof and decorations - abundant especially on the side of the PeWuKi square, in the so-called belvedere. So far, no work has started, although the opening of the school in its new location was announced for next year.

dzisiejszy gmach administracyjny, czyli Miejski Urząd Targu Poznańskiego, proj.: Stefan Cybichowski (1923-5)

Today's administrative building, i.e. the Municipal Office of the Poznań Fair, designed by Stefan Cybichowski (1923-5) - view of the belvedere from the side of the fairgrounds, as of 1926

© National Digital Archive, photo from the Illustrated Daily Courier

It is also necessary to thoroughly revalue the former Market Palace forming the western frontage of the square, opposite the entrance leading from the train station. The once-representative exhibition hall of neoclassical form (also designed by Cybichowski, 1925) now serves as a warehouse and workshop. It is in need of both interior renovation and restoration of the upper facades, which were lost during the war.

plac PeWuKi, pierzeja zachodnia, fasada dawnego Pałacu Targowego

PeWuKi Square, western frontage, facade of the former Market Palace

photo: Jakub Głaz

palace of music?

The future use of the former "palace" must also be decided. It would probably make the most sense to merge it into one organism with the so-called "Music Center " planned next door (opposite the congress center) to house, among other things, the Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra, which has consistently lacked its own separate headquarters and concert hall. Will this happen and when? No details are available. The competition for a new musical edifice was to be announced as early as 2022, then there was talk of last year, but - so far - nothing has happened.

miejsce pod filharmonię / „Centrum Muzyki” (po prawej), poglądowa wizualizacja z 2022 roku

The site for the Philharmonic Hall / "Music Center" (right), an illustrative visualization from 2022 - on the left - the existing conference center, in the middle - part of the walkway through the Fair ("green river")

© MTP Group

We also do not know the estimated financial and timeframe for this investment, which is to be the responsibility of the City. Mayor Jacek Jaskowiak, who is now fighting for re-election (he will face a PiS candidate in the second round), has included this very construction on the list of tasks to be carried out during his third and final term. Bringing the matter to a conclusion, moreover, he cites as one of the reasons for his run in the elections. Ten years ago he firmly declared that he would limit himself to two terms. He reneged on his promise, and has recently alienated cognoscenti with his overconfidence and complacency contrasting with the downtown renovations that are dragging on beyond measure. Temporary slippage is becoming, apparently, a new Poznań tradition.

„Zielona rzeka” — nowy ogólnodostępny pasaż na poznańskich Targach

"Green River" - The new public walkway at the Poznań Fair - entrance to the "green river", on the right a view of the site for the construction of the "Music Center", trash cans made of corten sheet metal are an impressive but impractical solution (contact between hands and rust)

Photo: Jakub Głaz

Jakub Głaz

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