UFI Hocker

01 of December '20


The UFI hocker consists of two elements - a solid structure and a comfortable cushion. A wide range of upholstery colors allows you to customize the Ufi hocker to match your interior design. The UFI hocker was designed both for home kitchen islands, as well as office or catering spaces (in the commercial variant, the manufacturer additionally offers a steel foot rest pad). The design of the UFI hocker does not restrict the user's movements and allows the user to turn freely, as well as to work effectively in a group. The furniture, due to its wide use value, has two upholstery versions to choose from: wool (70%) or high-end eco-leather (SKAI).

Material: powder-coated steel, upholstery foam, 70% wool
DEKOMA WOOL upholstery: cloud, gray, rust, calico, storm, silver, lichen
DEKOMA SAVOY FR upholstery: storm, rust, pewter, silver, jute, grey
SKAI upholstery: cognac, marone, birch, slate, navy, black
Frame color: black, graphite, white
Weight: 8kg
Dimensions: 80×48×44 cm / 64×48×44 cm
Delivery time: up to 5 weeks

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