MESO bench

12 of November '20

MESO bench

Personalized oak bench with upholstered elements and A4 document box. The MESO bench is open to creative changes. Its owner can individually choose the color of the cushions to match the interior design, as well as configure the individual elements of the bench according to his current needs (both the cushions and the box are movable). The wood of the MESO bench is covered with the highest quality OSMO oil-wax, creating a surface texture that is natural to the touch, as well as providing due resistance during use. The piece of furniture is designed both for home use (for example, in a lobby or lounge area) and for demanding office space. The bench received the title of Must have 2019.

Ławka MESO

MESO bench


Material: oak wood, powder-coated steel, upholstery foam, 70% wool
DEKOMA WOOL upholstery: cloud, gray, rust, calico, storm, silver, lichen
Weight: 11kg
Dimensions: 200×46×42 cm
Lead time: up to 6 weeks

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