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Fashionable doors to the apartment from POL-SKONE

14 of November '20

Fashionable doors - trends in apartment design

What door colors are staying on trend? What door frame systems appear in modern spaces? What door leaf designs are a hit in architecture?

Modne drzwi do
mieszkania od POL-SKONE - model Cambio 00 biały © POL-SKONE

Fashionable door to the apartment from POL-SKONE - Cambio 00 white model


Trendy door colors - which one to choose?

Thefashion for white doors continues at its best. This shade of woodwork gives elegance to the space. It is an ideal choice for Scandinavian, American and glamour styles. White door leaves should be matched with white skirting boards. In POL-SKONE's offer, white doors are offered both in painted collections and finished with surfaces such as SILKSTONE or LAMISTONE.

Darker woodwork is also firmly in the trends. Black and gray doors will complement designer arrangements. Black doors, such as those from the painted TIARA or ANMI line, will certainly make the premises stand out. A similar effect will be provided by gray shades of woodwork, unique tones can be found, for example, in the UNI MAT PLUS collection.

A novelty worth noting is two-tone doors for lofts. The juxtaposition of a leaf in the shade of warm wood with a black frame gives a unique effect that will distinguish the premises. In the POL-SKONE portfolio, the combination of European oak with black can be found in lines such as DECO LUX, ESPINA or SEMPRE LUX.

Modne drzwi do
mieszkania od POL-SKONE - model Impuls black © POL-SKONE

Fashionable apartment door from POL-SKONE - Impuls black model


Frame systems for modern places

Among the systems, covered door frames have invariably reigned supreme for several seasons. POL-SKONE's product range includes HARMONY covered door frames for single and double leaf doors. In addition, the HARMONY sash can be color-matched to the shade of the wall. This procedure will help create consistency in the interior. Solutions with a covered frame, allowing to hide the door in the wall, give an extremely designer expression. In addition, it is a brilliant option for rooms that we do not want to expose in the interior, for example, pantry, dressing room.

The system of selected doorframes should adapt to our needs in the interior. Such is the role of SYSTEM REVES dedicated to spaces where the door from the corridor opens in different directions.

In apartments, where we care about optimal space management, sliding doors will work well. The MOVI wall-mounted sliding system is part of the trend for displaying door leaves in modern places. In addition, sliding doors are a popular choice in urban spaces such as studio apartments.

Modne drzwi do
mieszkania od POL-SKONE - model Espina W01 dąb europejski © POL-SKONE

Fashionable apartment door from POL-SKONE - Espina W01 European oak model.


Fashionable details for trendy doors

Panel-frame doors are very popular in modern arrangements. In POL-SKONE's offer there is a range of designerly designed door leaf patterns, such as SEMPRE, PASSO or SABIA. It is worth mentioning the novelty - FIORI collection, which will also decorate the furnished premises. In modernistic spaces, uniform, minimalist leaves, such as those from the painted CAMBIO collection or veneered SONATA LUX, also work well. Additionally, wings with vertical black glazing are in the trend. We can get such a solution in lines such as ESTATO LUX or TRENDY. Also in vogue are doors with subtle glazing. They are offered by collections such as SEMRE SENSE or PRADO.

The material was created in cooperation with POL-SKONE.

For more information, visit the company's POL-SKONE Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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