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High-quality doors and windows for fashionable and demanding spaces

31 of December '20

For 30 years, POL-SKONE's door and window designs have been created with fashionable and demanding spaces in mind. The brand's offer, although it is one of the widest on the market, is constantly enriched by novelties.

The company's wide assortment of products and designer designs make it easy to match the ideal door leaves and systems to customers' needs and tastes. Both institutional and individual customers will benefit from the company's comprehensive portfolio.

Drzwi EI60 Plus z zabudową © POL-SKONE

EI60 Plus door with built-in


High-end doors

Designers appreciate POL-SKONE's products for their design and breadth of range. This scale is shown, among other things, by the ability to choose from more than 50 collections of interior doors. The variety of styles, available surfaces and frame systems gives room for architects to create. Today we expect well-designed interiors with individually tailored solutions or colors of woodwork. Creating personalized spaces will certainly be facilitated by products from the comprehensive range of the Polish manufacturer.

POL-SKONE doors, windows and systems are manufactured in modern factories located in the Lublin region. It is here that trends are created for woodwork and innovative solutions that give direction to the industry. The quality of the products is supervised by teams of specialists. In-house production guarantees high standards of workmanship. The achieved class of products, which stand out in the market, is appreciated by both Polish and foreign customers.

Drzwi Cerber Plus RC2, wzór W1S aplikacja szklana © POL-SKONE

Cerber Plus RC2 door, pattern W1S glass application


New products - FIORI, ANMI, CERBER PLUS RC 2 with glass application

A novelty, FIORI, has joined the well-liked and frequently chosen collections of panel-frame doors. An ideal proposition for modern spaces. Designer door models with horizontal panels will decorate the space. Glass patterns will subtly bring light into the rooms. FIORI are built on the basis of a frame made of high-quality MDF covered with LAMISTONE, SILKSTONE surface. Vertical and horizontal frames are the same thickness of 40 mm. Available in six colors, including a novelty - a cool shade of gran oak.

Also the ANMI door collection will enliven the simplest spaces with its unconventional milling. The door is constructed of a wooden frame clad with two HDF boards covered with a surface painted with ecological acrylic paints from RAL and NCS palettes. The filling is solid particleboard. Designs from the line will distinguish a minimalist dwelling. Geometric milling will make the door a kind of decoration of the space. In addition, fashionable base colors: white, gray, beige or black also add to the trends of character.

In multi-family buildings, with the right selection of furnishings, you can create an elegant arrangement of corridors. This task will be facilitated by stylish apartment entrance doors, which, in addition to providing security comfort, will also decorate the staircases. The aforementioned functions are combined by POL-SKONE's novelty CERBER PLUS RC 2 with a glass application on the outer side of the leaf. The entrance woodwork in this edition looks extremely chic. The glass application pasted on the surface of the sash (protrudes about 1 mm) is placed only on the external side of the door, that is, always on the side of the staircase. The application will be perfectly complemented by a metal frame in black RAL 9005 or a wooden frame in black 244 LAMISTONE.

Stylish color scheme

The fashion for lofts has persisted for several seasons, a strong point in their arrangement are sashes with glass. However, the glazed version of woodwork does not always work in the arranged space. An alternative here will be wooden doors with elements of black. An interesting solution that will enliven the interior is a door in two colors. In POL-SKONE's offer, a black frame combined with sash colors in the shade of European oak is available for DECO LUX, SEMPRE LUX, ESTATO LUX, ESPINY. The wood will warm up the industrial space, and the more built-in sashes will add intimacy to the separated rooms.

Ościeżnica kryta Harmony © POL-SKONE

Harmony concealed door frame


A well-liked option that adds a chic touch is also white doors. White woodwork owes its popularity to raising the prestige of the property. It looks extremely aesthetically pleasing and adapts to different styles of apartments. It brightens up rooms and adds a stylish touch. POL-SKONE collections include both classic and modern white collections. In addition, white enriches newer and newer lines, such as the elegant FORTIMO and MONA with shade 258.

When creating unique spaces, it is worth paying attention to painted doors. Thanks to a wide range of RAL and NCS palettes, we have the opportunity to individually select the color of the frame and leaf. Such a solution makes it easier to create original designs to suit your needs. Personalization of the offer is a strongly held standard in architecture.

Modern and customized door frame systems

Door frame systems are an extremely important piece of equipment. POL-SKONE offers various door frame systems. Modern system solutions will affect the functionality and needs of a given interior. In smaller properties, sliding systems are popular. They help in optimal arrangement and saving, so valuable space these days. Sliding wall-mounted systems are firmly on trend. A hit of recent years are concealed frame systems. From the POL-SKONE portfolio, HARMONY covered door frames are dedicated to both single and double doors. In addition, the REVES system influences the aesthetics of the interior, where doors from the corridor side open in different directions.

For more information, visit the company's POL-SKONE Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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