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Return to natural inspiration in arrangements. Fashionable shades of interior doors

12 of November '20

Inspired by nature - wood in interiors

In interior design for several seasons we have been observing a return to nature inspiration. It appears both in colors and in the materials selected. In line with global trends, wood has also gained popularity.

Drzwi wewnętrzne
w modnych odcieniach - model Espina W01 dąb europejski (z czarną szybą) © POL-SKONE

Interior doors in trendy shades - Espina W01 European oak model (with black glass)


The power of nature in the interior - wood of designers' choice

Designers are rediscovering the power of nature motifs in arrangements. Wood, properly juxtaposed, will play an extraordinary decorative role. That is why it is worth reaching for wooden surfaces in fashionable designs. The color scheme of wood will work especially well in industrial spaces based on black, gray. A strong accent to the interior will introduce, for example, a collection of veneered interior doors - ESPINA. Due to the unique arrangement of veneers in the so-called herringbone pattern, it will turn out to be the decoration of the space. Luxury interiors often use dark woodwork. Interior doors from the SEMPRE INSERTO collection, in the shade of medium or black walnut, with fluted panels will add an exclusive character to the place.

Drzwi wewnętrzne
w modnych odcieniach - model EI60 Plus z zabudową © POL-SKONE

Interior door in fashionable shades - EI60 Plus model with enclosure


Hit of the season - walls in wooden tones

Architecture has been drawing inspiration from nature for years. We are currently observing a strong trend for walls in wooden colors. We can achieve this effect by using wall panels and doors in the same shade of wood. Wall panels from POL-SKONE's offer can be used as a durable wall covering in offices, conference rooms, living quarters, offices or public buildings. Rich colors make it possible to match the appropriate décor to the room and the building's door woodwork. Depending on the arrangement of the wood grain, this treatment allows you to expand or lengthen the space.

The wood motif appears not only in classical decor. Wooden surfaces are increasingly decorating modern spaces. Designers are eager to weave them into office arrangements. Wood in office buildings is a breath of nature, which will influence the atmosphere of tranquility. At the same time, it is an extremely elegant element in arrangements for meeting rooms, for example. In business spaces, veneered interior doors such as FORTIMO LUX will make an impression.

Modne drzwi
wewnętrzne - model Fortimo w03 jasny dąb © POL-SKONE

Fashionable interior door - Fortimo w03 light oak model


Fashionable duo - door and floor

The third trend worth noting is the juxtaposition of doors and flooring in one shade. POL-SKONE's rich surface colors offer many shades of wood. From light colors such as: European oak to ebony. This allows you to perfectly match interior doors to the floor. A very fashionable set in apartments is light-colored doors matched with light-colored panels. Light tones, e.g. oak, lime, will brighten up the premises and add to its coziness. Such a duo will influence the creation of a homely atmosphere. In POL-SKONE's offer we can find classic doors in surfaces with shades of wood, e.g. INTERSOLID, and minimalist ones, e.g. ETIUDA LUX with decorative aluminum strips.

Drzwi wewnętrzne
w modnych odcieniach - model Etiuda Lux A03 jasny dąb © POL-SKONE

Interior door in fashionable shades - model Etiuda Lux A03 light oak


Trendy colors of POL-SKONE inspired by nature

POL-SKONE door leaves come in a wide range of colors and structures. The offer includes both painted doors and doors finished with natural and synthetic veneers. The company's products complement interiors of any style. Fashionable shades of wood are available in collections of ECO TOP, HIGH TOP, SILKSTONE, LAMISTONE CPL and LAMINATED surfaces. Noteworthy is the collection of natural veneers. POL-SKONE veneered doors are covered with ecological UV varnish. It is definitely more resistant to scratches and light than standard varnishes laid even in several layers. Due to the natural character of the veneers, there is a possibility of their different shades and grain.

The material was created in cooperation with POL-SKONE.

For more information, visit the company's POL-SKONE Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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