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Wooden doors in modern interiors. Fashionable and prestigious arrangements with POL-SKONE

11 of November '20

Fashionable doors that transform the interior

POL-SKONE's comprehensive offer constantly adapts to trends. A wide portfolio of fashionable designs of sashes and modern frame systems makes it easier for designers to choose.

Fashionable wood theme

The return to nature inspiration in living spaces has been observed for several years. The wood motif is a fashionable choice and an investment. In decor, it raises the prestige of the property. In addition, finishing with equipment materials of the highest quality is a strong asset of the decorated space.

Drzwi fornirowane,
świetna propozycja do nowoczesnych wnętrz, np. loftów. Model SONATA LUX © POL-SKONE

Veneered doors, a great choice for modern interiors, such as lofts. SONATA LUX model


Veneereddoors will add a luxurious touch to the arrangement. POL-SKONE offers natural veneers finished with ecological UV varnish. It is characterized by significantly higher scratch and light resistance than standard varnishes applied even in several layers. The natural character of the veneers makes each door unique. In addition, wooden shades fit into different spaces. We will match it to places in royal style or eclectic style. Veneered doors will also work well in very modern interiors such as lofts. A place in an industrial climate will be highlighted by veneered - SONATA LUX. The door is constructed of a wooden frame clad with two smooth HDF boards with a natural veneer surface. Designs from the line are decorated with aluminum decors on the surface of the leaf.

Doors for modern apartments

In many interiors, minimalist doors are popular. A perfect complement to fashionable homes will be a novelty, namely FIORI. The door is built on a frame of high-quality MDF covered with LAMISTONE, SILKSTONE surface. Available in six colors, including a novelty - a cool shade of gran oak (230). This elegant design will work well in American or glamour style interiors. Designs from the line will help create an atmosphere of calm and intimacy. A similar effect will also provide the interior with an elegant collection of painted MODENA doors. The door is constructed of a wooden frame clad with two HDF boards covered with a surface painted with ecological acrylic paints from RAL and NCS palettes.

z ościeżnicą krytą HARMONY POL-SKONE © POL-SKONE

Doors with covered door frame HARMONY


Door colors in line with trends

The current fashion in architecture influences the offered door colors. For several years, the trend for white, beige and black doors has been noticeable. POL-SKONE adjusts the available colors to the needs of the customers in each season. Hence, for example, the UNI MAT PLUS collection, with a reinforced surface characterized by silky haptics and a special coating resistant to fingerprints, has expanded by two shades. Classic beige (643) and black (644) joined the line.

The color of the door is an extremely important design element. It influences the perception of the area, a well-matched one can, for example, lengthen or widen a wall. The color scheme additionally creates the atmosphere in the rooms. When selecting, it is worth remembering the rule that light colors warm up, dark colors add a moody character. Currently, there is also a trend for uniform color of doors and walls. This procedure helps create a harmonious whole in the apartment. In addition, it makes the door, especially with a covered frame, such as POL-SKONE's HARMONY, almost invisible in the interior.

Malowane drzwi
wewnętrzne ANMI, wzór W00 © POL-SKONE

Painted interior door ANMI, pattern W00


References to geometry - surprising ANMI design

Geometry is a recurring trend in interior design. POL-SKONE's new proposal - painted interior door ANMI- fits into this trend. Thanks to unconventional milling, they will enliven the simplest spaces. The door is constructed of a wooden frame clad with two HDF boards covered with a surface painted with ecological acrylic paints. The filling is solid particle board.

The material was created in cooperation with POL-SKONE.

More information on the company's page POL-SKONE Sp. z o.o. in the A&B portal.

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