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How to fight concretosis? Let's take the example of Klobuck

12 of March '21

When in one corner of Poland activists are fighting the spread of concretions and illegal tree cutting - or even those that are legal, but completely unnecessary, somewhere else the municipality of a city creates a special team to green the space. Today it is Klobuck that shows how to fight concretions.

illegal cuttings

The picturesque suburban town of Milanowek. Until recently, there was still a beautiful forest area in the center of the city, theoretically safe because it was under conservation protection. Meanwhile, on February 20, all the trees were uprooted. Why? A private investor needs the space. He obtained permission because he reported the poor condition of several trees. The consent was supposed to cover those few "sick trees," dozens were cut down. Residents, aware of how important greenery is in the city, appealed, protested, raised objections with the police and municipal police. However, to no avail.

- "Milan's chainsaw massacre" is not a coincidence. It does not stem from hatred of nature. The case is about money - the owner took the opportunity to clear the land for investment. This is evident as day. His action is all the more brazen because it is an area included in the local plan as a green area. Unfortunately, the greedy developer devastated it. - recounted Jan Mencwel, author of the book "Betonosis" and president of Miasto Jest Nasz, on the organization's website.

Illegal tree cutting in Milanowek | photo: press materials.

Seemingly illegal, yet the investor faces at most a fine. Why is it commonly allowed? The penalty for illegal logging is relatively low, and more and more investors are including it in their necessary costs. Developers not only fence off greenery, taking away access to it, but also violently get rid of trees. And cities are being flooded with concrete.

How is concreteosis being fought?

Almost 300 kilometers away from Milanowek, the city of Klobuck at about the same time appoints a special team for greening.

The originator of the project is Mayor Jerzy Zakrzewski. The team appointed to develop a plan for planting trees and shrubs in the municipality has already held its first meetings. The team is supported by landscape architect Agnieszka Gawlik, meanwhile a group of specialists consisting of Anna Grabowska-Graj, Malgorzata Krupa, Sylwia Piatkowska, Adam Stasinski, Beata Trzepizur and Monika Piatkowska has already ordered the first greening work in the municipality, including in Waclaw Glowa Park and the park on Parkowa Street.

Klobuck fights concretions | photo: Klobuck Municipality.

- We want the municipality of Klobuck in the future not to be associated with concrete and asphalt, but to be an example of a place where people respect and care for nature, local government officials from Klobuck declared in an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza.

The team took under consideration aspects related to adapting the developing municipality to climate change. Here, they pay special attention to greenery, which is one of the solutions to counteract the effects of change. During the March meeting, the Klobuchar team began planning tree plantings in parks, green spaces and roadside strips. It turns out that pocket parks are not reserved only for large, modern cities. Small green areas in the midst of urban buildings, divided into zones for relaxation, play and recreation, incorporating community integration into their annexes, are expected to appear soon.

Klobuck park, city center | WikiCommons

- As part of the team, we will try to make more green areas, more trees and shrubs appear in our city already this year. Of course, the team will also work on the so-called greening of rural areas, but due to the more noticeable climate change within the urban areas, the first actions will concern the city. In areas outside the city, we will focus on greening roadside strips, playgrounds, sports and recreational areas," announces Mayor Jerzy Zakrzewski.
Let's not be indifferent to the concrete flooding us. Let's listen to the city's promises. Let's look at the new projects of developers. Will they really be as ecological and green as they announce? Let's support organizations that control tree cutting.

The vote has already been cast