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Jette Cathrin Hopp of Snøhetta studios guest of AQINA TV webinar

11 of February '21

On February 18 this year at 3 pm we invite you to the AQINA TV webinar, whose guest will be Jette Cathrin Hopp. The architect responsible for projects in Europe will talk about the Snøhetta studio's philosophy, mission and style.

Snøhetta studio, has been designing architecture, landscape and interior architecture and creating art for several decades. Snøhetta began with architecture and landscape workshops and, despite the passage of time, still remains true to its minimalist, transdisciplinary style. In 1989, the studio won an international competition for the design of the great Library of Alexandria in Egypt and thus gained international popularity. Snøhetta's architects are the authors of, among others: the award-winning Norwegian National Opera and Ballet building in Oslo, the cultural building at the World Trade Center memorial in New York, SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Art.) and the Under underwater restaurant in Norway. Snøhetta currently has more than 240 employees from 32 different countries, with offices in Oslo, Innsbruck, Paris, Hong Kong and Adelaide.

AQINA TV webinar

AQINA TV is a series of educational webinars aimed at popularizing good design. Through them, participants gain access to the knowledge and know-how of the greatest and most charismatic designers and architects from around the world.

We believe that good design is not a whim, but a standard through which we support the best in people and the world. That's why we created a series of educational webinars called AQINA TV, in which we organize meetings with the most talented figures in our industry. I am very happy that our invitation was accepted by Jette Cathrin Hopp from Snøhetta studio. I hope that the opportunity to draw inspiration from the best will have a positive impact on the next generation of architects and designers," says Marcin Zielinski, managing director of AQINA.

The meeting with architect Jette Cathrin Hopp will be held on February 18 this year at 3 pm online, and participation is free. All you need to do is register on the AQINA TV website .

Guests of previous meetings were Fokke Moerel of MVRDF, Ron Arad and the duo JEHS&LAUB.

More infromation can be found on the AQINA website.

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