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Joanna Rasztęborska - "Sacramentarium" in New Market

28 of February '20

Joanna Rasztęborska of the Podhale State Vocational University in Nowy Targ designed the crematorium complex. The engineering work was carried out under the direction of Dr. Krystyna Styrna-Bartkowicz.

The main idea of the work was to create a complex where all funeral services will be performed. The "Sacramentarium" also includes space for reflection and tranquility. Unconventionally, the author also proposed a place for various cultural events, intimate concerts and exhibitions.

"Sacramentarium" is a space conducive to reflection and tranquility

© Joanna Rasztęborska

tranquility surrounded by nature

Nature played a decisive role in the design of the building. The open view of the nearby forests and the panorama of the Tatra Mountains makes it possible to observe the changes of the seasons, thus prompting reflection on the passing of time and rebirth. The main function of the building - the crematorium - is hidden. Its chimneys have been masked with a concrete shell, thus becoming invisible to visitors to the building. Ceremonial chapels with large glazing open toward the mountains, while waiting rooms face a courtyard with a pond. The complex has been divided into four zones: the sacred for the general public, the profane for clients, technological facilities and administration with services. The layout of the premises was designed so that visitors' paths would not intersect with the cremation area. The proposed simple blocks of exposed concrete lend massiveness to the building's massiveness, while the austere interiors of the chapels promote reverie.

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illustrations courtesy of Joanna Rasztęborska

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