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Julia Kosmus - ""On Health" - anxiety therapy house"

08 of March '23
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2022
Name: ""On Health" - Anxiety therapy house"
Author: Julia Kosmus
University: Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland

Prof. Remigiusz Grochal

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2021/2023".

The human psyche is an area that people have been trying to learn about since the dawn of time. Despite the progress made in recent decades, psychiatry still has not explored many issues. It is therefore important to consistently expand and popularize knowledge in this field, so that symptoms of possible illness can be quickly responded to and proper treatment can be given, and so that the state of mental health care facilities can be improved.

Poczeklania, strefa gabinetów

waiting room, practice area

© Julia Kosmus

My goal was to relate the design work to an actual social problem. The project responds to the shortage of health-promoting spaces. I also wanted to create a place that addresses the problem of stigmatization of mental health treatment facilities.

Projekt domu terapii lęków, aksonometria z oznaczeniem stref

design of anxiety therapy house, axonometry with zoning designation

© Julia Kosmus

The"For Health" house is a conceptual design of a facility where people in need will be able to receive psychological and psychiatric help in case they are diagnosed with anxiety disorders or other conditions from this group of diseases. I locate the concept of the project at Zaciszna 2a Street in Gdynia-Orłowo.

Wnętrze gabinetu terapeutycznego z widokiem na zielone otoczenie

Interior of the therapy room overlooking the green surroundings

© Julia Kosmus

The area around the facility is one of the unique natural spaces in the Tri-City area. The "Na Zdrowie" house offers space to carry out all sorts of therapies, psychiatric techniques and ancillary activities that enrich classical drug therapy.

Sala do terapii grupowej, zajęcia z jogi

A room for group therapy, yoga classes

© Julia Kosmus

The assumptions and solutions used in the design of the "Na Zdrowie" House are intended to contribute to more effective therapy, and the various architectural treatments, including the deliberate elimination of certain materials, are intended to optimize the use of space. These include good lighting and acoustics, elimination of incomprehensible scale, colors, unstable elements, avoidance of chiaroscuro with rhythmic fine layout, simple functional layout, well-labeled space, implementation of greenery into the interior, design in accordance with biophilic design.

Projekt domu terapii lęków, rzut parteru

anxiety therapy house project, first floor plan

© Julia Kosmus

Due to the very large area of the building, I decided to divide it into three main parts: closed, open and passageways. Each floor has a different function, so as to optimize the efficiency of using the facility.

Wnętrze gabinetu do terapii kikluosobowej

The interior of a multi-person therapy room

© Julia Kosmus

The first floor has been allocated for office and administrative spaces, the main representative entrance area with reception and waiting area, and two main therapy rooms - art therapy and plant therapy. There is also a conference space on the first floor. Floors I and II are mostly dedicated to therapy rooms for individual and group therapy.

Pokój prywatny dla pacjentów

private room for patients

© Julia Kosmus

Floor III is the enclosed part of the facility with private rooms for patients and common spaces. Floor IV, because of its view of the Gdansk Bay, has a "pro-social" function. I decided to place an open gastronomic zone here, which is also intended to influence the destigmatization of closed psychiatric centers.

Projekt domu terapii lęków, taras

terrace with gastronomic zone

© Julia Kosmus

Invaluable help with the theoretical and design work was provided by psychology and therapy specialists Beata Kwiatkowska and Beata Szymanska, who explained the therapeutic processes and their techniques to me, as well as pointed out strictly utilitarian solutions for the office space.

Wnętrze rotundy, zajęcia z arteterapii

Interior of the rotunda, art therapy classes

© Julia Kosmus

I trust that through theoretical analysis, as well as using the knowledge and experience and advice of practitioners in the field of psychology in creating the design concept, I was able to design a space that responds to my chosen design problem. Travestying the famous saying: "in a healthy space a healthy spirit".


Illustrations: © Author

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