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Sylwia Małkiewicz - "Design of a kindergarten with solar systems in Jozefow"

07 of March '23
Technical data
Type: engineering thesis
Year of defense: 2022

Sylwia Małkiewicz

Wyższa Szkoła Ekologii i Zarządzania w Warszawie

Dr. Janusz Marchwiński

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Diploma Architecture"

The subject of the engineering thesis is the design of a kindergarten with solar systems in Jozefów. It was chosen due to the high demand for this type of facility and the fact that the kindergarten has a direct impact on the upbringing, character formation of children. It is important that such a facility is functional, aesthetically pleasing and modern, if only through the introduction of ecological solutions, through which children will learn about environmental protection from a young age.

plan zagospodarowania terenu

site development plan

© Sylwia Małkiewicz

In my project I wanted to include the idea of a forest kindergarten, in a natural, quiet environment, so the choice fell on Józefów. It is a region far from Warsaw, with a climate called a spa. A characteristic feature of this town is the Świdermajer style, present in historic and important buildings, which I also included in my design.

widok z lotu ptaka

bird's eye view

© Sylwia Małkiewicz

The designed kindergarten is one-story, so it is accessible to all, without any restrictions. The form of the building is a direct result of the analysis of the plot's tree canopy and inspiration from the layout of wooden blocks, which can be freely formed by moving, extending, adding and subtracting. The post-sliding modular parts also created interior courtyards that can serve as play areas for children. I chose CLT cross-laminated timber as the construction material, which is made of pine, so the atmosphere of the place was preserved the plot is just overgrown with pine trees.



© Sylwia Małkiewicz

CLT wood is an ecological material with very good properties, and at the same time its appearance is aesthetic enough to be used in interiors without unnecessary covering with finishing materials. The building is mostly covered with a flat roof, on which I used photovoltaic panels on the south side. The central part is covered by a hip roof with a skylight, which illuminates the interior of the lobby. The façade of the kindergarten has also been made of pine wood, and Świdermajer-style ornaments have been planned here: openwork boards, curtains at the windows or an ornament on the skylight. To add variety to the facade, the facade boards were arranged in different directions.



© Sylwia Małkiewicz

The kindergarten has been divided into such functional zones as the administrative zone in the center we will find a teacher's room, administrative room, speech therapist, pedagogue, nurse's office, social rooms; educational zone with rooms for five branches, each for twenty-five children; sports zone including a gymnasium and sensory room; and technical and kitchen area. The designed kindergarten contains all the necessary rooms for functional use. On the south side, which is the sunniest side, I placed the kindergarten rooms, so we have met the requirements of sunlight, and the rooms, thanks to the glazing, open up to the greenery, the forest, so we also have direct contact with nature.



© Sylwia Małkiewicz

przekrój poprzeczny

cross section

© Sylwia Małkiewicz

The interior of the kindergarten is arranged in a forest style. The predominant colors of nature are green, beige, there is also raw wood. The development of the area includes play and education zones. There are hammocks on trees, swings, children's houses, green hills created from soil from the pit, shelters, vegetable gardens or birdhouses. Educational paths have also been created so that children can learn about species of trees, shrubs or birds.



© Sylwia Małkiewicz

The design of forest kindergartens is a relatively new direction in Poland, their idea and the way they are designed can have a very good impact on the formation of a child. For the youngest, such an area can become an element of exploration adventures, forest secrets, a place where they can go out, run around, discover how animals function in the forest, so I put a lot of emphasis on designing integrated with nature. The building is an addition to this space, it does not destroy it, but adds a new function.


Illustrations: © Author

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