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Katarzyna Kijowska - "Internal travel - a place to exchange dreams and travel experiences"

22 of April '22
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2021
Name: "Internal travel - a place to exchange dreams and travel experiences".
Author: Katarzyna Kijowska
University: Faculty of Interior Design at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

Prof. Elżbieta Pakuła-Kwak

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2020/2022".

The main idea of the project was to adapt the space of the building, which years ago housed the headquarters of the Tarnobrzeg hospital management. The building consists of three floors. On the first floor and the second floor, among others, a cafeteria with facilities, a reception area, a checkroom, a travel office, an administrative and social room, toilets and spaces of a cognitive nature were designed. The interior design, its structure, was inspired by the Moroccan city of Shafshawan and the black beach of Reynisfjara in Iceland.

Wnętrze kawiarni

The author adapted the building of the former head office of a hospital in Tarnobrzeg

© Katarzyna Kijowska

The most important feature of the Moroccan city - the blue color of the houses - inspired the author to design the interior elements in the aforementioned color scheme. The color scheme is complemented by the structure, which was created after analyzing the basalt rock formations on Iceland's black beach.

The technical condition of the building required a complete renovation, so the interior was designed from scratch. The goal was to create zones through which visitors can feel the atmosphere of distant travel.

Projektowany budynek, rzut parteru

The condition of the building required modernization, so the interior was designed from scratch and divided into zones

© Katarzyna Kijowska

The journey through the building's interiors begins in the cave of light, which is the atrium. The illuminated suspended ceiling is the central part of the interior. It was created from a tinted stainless steel sheet with a water ripple effect. Combined with stoneware flooring and marble wall tiles with a richly decorated pattern, the room opens up to guests.

Przestrzeń kawiarni

The interior of the café is reminiscent of the Moroccan city of Shawshfan

© Katarzyna Kijowska

The cafe space was planned in subdued colors, and is filled with simple, synthetic details. The design refers to the city of Shavshafan through the use of a strip on the floor filled with Moroccan ornaments and a suspended ceiling. The wall structure in the consumption area is built up by flat columns. Vertical elements located on the side walls systematize the entire space, flowing seamlessly into the ceiling.

Recepcja projektowanego budynku

reception desk and colorful neon sign

© Katarzyna Kijowska

The reception desk, located on the opposite side of the building, is bordered by a locker room and restrooms. The focal point is an illuminated reception counter with a simple shape. It was constructed of glass panels, appropriately colored. Above it hangs a neon sign - the only source of light in this interior. The right wall was built of vertical elements. Some of them are deviated from the vertical by about 10 degrees, so that horizontal segments were created in opposition.

Rzut piętra projektowanego budynku

On the first floor there is a rest area and a travel agency

© Katarzyna Kijowska

The right wing of the second floor is a look at Turkish and Greek history. The richly decorated marble floor is juxtaposed with the uniform turquoise color of the ceiling. Characteristic Turkish carpets decorate the walls. Textiles with numerous patterns allow for casual sitting and contemplation. The room bordering this space contains elements of the style of the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula.

Przestrzeń inspirowana kulturą turecką

The interior alludes to Turkish and Greek history

© Katarzyna Kijowska

On the opposite side of the second floor, a relaxation area awaits visitors. The monochromatic space, slightly broken by the turquoise upholstery of the seats by the Bouroullec brothers, allows both relaxation and work. To the right, a Japanese cognitive zone has been designed. A floral linear accent was added to the soft white of the room's walls.

Biuro podróży

On the first floor there is a travel agency

© Katarzyna Kijowska

A travel office was located in the central area. Thanks to the large glazing of each wall, the space is open. Appropriately chosen track lighting not only provides work comfort, but also emphasizes the character of the entire interior. Here, too, elements of Moroccan flooring allude to the main idea of the project.

Katarzyna KIJOWSKA

Illustrations: © Author

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