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Polish students' project awarded in international competition! Site Bathhouse - by Julia Giżewska and Jakub Jopek

27 of April '22

The goal of the young team of architects was to create a space where everyone would leave their unique mark. In adapting a historic fort in Portugal, it was equally important to shape the place through the spaces and nature itself. We present the Site Bathhouse project byJulia Giżewska and Jakub Jopek.

projekt zdobył wyróżnienie w międzynarodowym konkursie organizwoanym przez ArkxSite

The project won an honorable mention in an international competition organized by ArkxSite

© Julia Giżewska, Jakub Jopek

Site Bathhouse was a project prepared for an international competition organized by ArkxSite. Young architects under the supervision of Dr. Eng. arch. Jerzy Wojewódka created a project that received an honorable mention. Site Batthouse focuses primarily on natural zones dependent on light and temperature. It is worth noting the holistic approach in the design of this space - the inclusion of natural water currents, Portuguese vegetation associated with the location of the adapted site and the apparent permanence of the rocks. An important element is the use of cave caves.

cały zespół składa się z kilku stref, wyróżniających się funkcją i co może bardziej istotne, temperaturą

The entire complex consists of several zones, distinguished by function and, perhaps more significantly, temperature

© Julia Giżewska, Jakub Jopek

descending into the depths

The adaptation of the historic fort involves breaking it down into five zones, each of which allows you to experience different sensations and emotions. Each level has been located lower and lower, creating a meandering spiral.

The first point of the whole is the sun zone (level +1), still on the surface. This is the place where the architecture merges with the natural landscape. The sun zone is, as the architects emphasize, a space for sunbathing. Here the focus is on direct contact with the harsh light.

diagram pokazujący podział stref w kompleksie

Diagram showing the division of zones in the complex

© Julia Giżewska, Jakub Jopek

The next zone is the earth space (level 0) - created primarily by the presence of large stones, which are part of the equipment in this zone. Its main purpose is to create a place in the historic part of the fort with toilets, showers and a reception area. This is also where the space for employees is to be located. The earth zone is also a functional space, connecting service spaces.

The first grotto is called the cold grotto (level -1). It is it that opens the path leading to the next grottoes. The next grotto (level -2) is called the warm grotto. The last, located at the lowest level (level -3) is the hot grotto. It has the highest temperature of forty-two degrees Celsius.

rzut każdej strefy

projection of each zone

© Julia Giżewska, Jakub Jopek

nature, peace and quiet

What is important for the architects is to create a space that creates a feeling of intimacy through its natural character. What did they strive for when creating this space?

Over time, the rocks will be shaped by successive steps and touch, so that each person will leave their unique mark there. The varied surface of the side walls, produces spaces in them that act as micro half-grottoes or seats their largest number is in the warm - dry grotto, which is located on level - 2 and between the cold and hot grottoes. - indicate the authors of the project in the author's description.

schody pomiędzy strefami

Stairs between zones

© Julia Giżewska, Jakub Jopek

Important was the correspondence between spaces, which create mysterious and multidimensional passages. In many places, small openings appear, allowing the landscape to connect with the inner grottoes. This is an extremely subtle way of providing light.

The bathhouse, which was designed inside the entire complex, is meant to promote relaxation. It was important to combine a unique ocean breeze with the use of essential oils produced from plants specific to Portugal. The raw character is gently combined with a sense of detention.

przestrzeń groty zimnej

cold grotto space

© Julia Giżewska, Jakub Jopek

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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